There has been a lot of talk about a bull that was caught on video by a couple of hunters in Utah.? All the pictures and video’s are from before the archery opener.

There are some big outfitters that are going after this bull, well a friend of mine is able to go after this bull too.? Kody is a 18 year old hunter that has had some good success hunting getting a limited entry youth tag a few years ago that got him a 6×7 bull.? He’s been able to hunt in several states and is still just 18.? Well he drew out this year for a very hard to get limited entry area in Utah, the one that just happens to be the area this spider bull elk is at.? There is a lot of people after this bull, one of which is a guy that doesn’t have a good rep down in this southern Utah town.? This fact is looking to play to his advantage, he now has several locals trying to help him get this bull and keep the guy with a reputation of shady hunting away from “Spidey”.?? His hunt opens this week, with permission to hunt some private land where the bull is known to hang out, locals helping keep track of the bull, and his past success I’d put my money on him.??? It sounds like as of last weekend the bull is alive and well,like the perfect storm things are falling in place for this to be the perfect hunt!

Enjoy this video of the infamous spider bull!

Update 9/30/2008:

Team Mossback just broke the news that the spider bull has been taken by Denny Austad.? Rumor is that it was on a governors tag two days ago.

Congrats to team Mossback, they were the ones to first spot this amazing bull elk and they were able to lead Denny in to take this monster of a bull!!

Update 10/1/2008:

I want to hear everyone?s thoughts on the spider bull. I gotta be honest I was pulling for a hunter that was lucky enough to draw out and had the hunt of his life. Nothing against Mossback they did a fantastic job bringing this bull into the spot light and keeping tabs on it until they could get a shooter on it.

This bull was taken on a governor?s tag. Most states have these they are auctioned off and big outfits will pick them up for large amounts of cash. If you do your job right you then scout out a nice bull make a video and market the hell out of it. If you do your job you will get a nice client that has lots of money looking to purchase their next big hunt. This is what happened with the spider bull. I think it?s great that Denny took this bull, if you watch the Mossback site he takes a record size bull or buck with Mossback every year.

The money raised in the governor?s tag auction goes to wildlife resources. Here is my question. There are a lot of huge animals that are taken every year in states all over with a governor?s tag. But 90% of the hunters that are dedicated and addicted to hunting in that state will never afford that opportunity. Is the governor?s tag worth it? Are you addicted to hunting when you buy your animal? Are guides going to far to provide the next best animal? give us your comments.

Update 10/1/2008:

It seems like that truck parking in front of the local Honda dealer got a lot of attention.? Here are a few pictures sent to us by a reader, thanks for the pictures, this is one amazing bull that we all want to see more of!

Update 10/3/2008:

I emailed Doyle Moss a little bit earlier today because of all of the controversy surrounding the Spider Bull. I have heard all of the comments about his guides blocking roads, herding the bull and slashing hunter?s tires. I had not heard Doyle?s side of the story, and so I began my search for the truth in the comment section on this post. Instead of looking at different opinions and articles, I went straight to the source. Within a couple of hours after receiving my email, Doyle Moss gave me a call.

I am very objective in everything I do. If I hear something, I am not one to believe it until I hear the whole story. I could not believe some of the stories surrounding this bull, they were so far fetched that I knew something was missing. I wanted to find the truth surrounding the Spider Bull!

My search for the truth began as I read more about what others were saying about Doyle, and his company Mossback Guides and Outfitters. As I read the comments about him I noticed a common theme. Everyone that has met Doyle Moss in person thinks he is a great guy. While I have not met him in person, after talking to him I would have to agree. He answered all of my questions, and I could sense the passion that he has for hunting. I could not believe that he would take the time out of his busy day to call me. That alone lets me know what kind of a guy he is. He is not afraid to stand up when the heat is on and face adversity. I respect men like that, and I applaud him for discussing what happened with me.

We are currently working on putting together a piece to share Doyle?s perspective, it should be ready sometime next week.

Thank you for the time Doyle, good luck on your next hunt!

Update 10/23/2008:

I still have not heard anything from Doyle Moss, not that I blame him as I am sure this time of year is absolutely crazy for outfitters. A couple of days ago RealTree sent out a newsletter to all of their subscribers, and we were the featured blog for the article. We have been trying our hardest to provide updates on the Spider Bull, and hopefully Doyle Moss will be able to answer some of the questions we have presented to him. You can read the RealTree newsletter here.

Here are the questions we asked Doyle Moss to answer:

  1. The first point that has come up is that your guides trapped the bull and watched every movement it made. Many people are saying the Spider Bull was guided far away from other hunters and basically kept within 20 of your guides at all time. They have gone on to say that this bull was under your guides supervision for a month.
  2. The next point is that the roads were blocked off from other hunters, so they could not access the mountain where your guides were “keeping” the Spider Bull. Many of these hunters have said that they had to use winches to remove your guides trucks from the road. Then when they got back from hunting all of their tires were slashed. I always respond to this one “did you call the authorities?” and no one has said they did, which indicates to me that they are making up this story.
  3. Last, but not least I would love to hear from your guy’s what sort of testing took place to see if this was a farm bull. You mentioned in our call that DWR was up there when you took the bull off the mountain. The biggest question is how did this bull go from a 350 bull to a 500 bull? A lot of people have speculated that steroids were used to obtain that much growth.

I do understand that Doyle is busy right now, and I don’t want to take time away from the business he is trying to run. While we are awaiting his response I would love to hear from our readers what their response would be to these questions. This bull has sparked all sorts of controversy, and we would like to know why you feel as though Doyle cheated other hunter’s out of this bull. Doyle has found a way to make money doing something that all of us love, and I believe this has caused a little jealousy among hunters and that is why these rumors are being circulated. Let me know if I am way off on this assumption. We would love to hear all of your comments concerning the Spider Bull.

Update 10/4/2008:

Click here to view possible early pictures of the Spider Bull!

Update 01/06/2009:

Congratulations to Doyle Moss and Denny Austed for Harvesting the New World Record Non-Typical Bull. This bull has been on the minds of hunter?s since it was first spotted last Spring. It has caused several controversial conversations in hunting circles and I doubt this announcement will help that at all. I am interested to hear what everyone thinks. Some people will probably feel that this bull does not deserve to be the World Record Holder. Some Hunters think it is a farm raised bull. I have heard hunters that say this bull should have never been harvested so it could pass on it?s ?seed? (With a bull like that I guarantee his ?seed? is in cows all over that mountain). Other hunters can?t separate the hunter from the bull and therefore hate the bull. This is your last chance to sound off on the Spider Bull before we find the controversial bull for 2009.

Personally, I am fascinated by the Spider Bull. What a magnificent animal! I have heard comments from people that love Doyle Moss and I have heard comments from people that hate Doyle Moss. I have talked to him and I think he is just like the rest of us, a true Hunting Addict. I hope someday he can guide me on a world record Bull Elk hunt of my own. Then I could sit back and read comments from people that have never met me, but hate me anyway because I shot an Elk they could only dream of shooting.

Leave a comment and let us know how you feel about the new World Record Non-Typical Bull Elk.

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  2. I’m pulling for the “little guy”. I’ve been in his shoes before. Four seasons ago, I found a huge bull and had the same situation. As it turned out, neither I nor the local outfitter killed him… it’s a long story that I should blog about.

    I’m not against outfitters at all… in fact I’m a hunt broker, but I like to see the DIY guys get ‘er done, ’cause I’m one myself (most of the time). Go Kody!

    Keep us posted.

  3. Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks Kody is set up for the perfect hunt, one of the outfitters offered him a significant amount of cash, more than I make in a year, for the head mount if he should take him. With elk and the hunt you never know, however there’s a lot of thing playing in his favor right now. Due to the fact it’s a limited entry hunt he’s able to use any weapon during the heart of the rut when normally it’s just muzzle loader, a handful of people that know the area and this elk well to help guide him, private property access, every advantage is his but we all know the big ones get there by being careful so it’s still going to be a challenge. Good luck Kody, we’d love to see such a great young man that loves to hunt for the right reasons take a bull that by all estimates will not only break Utah’s record but be world class.

  4. so has he got it yet or has anyone seen it? i live in utah and i have heard that since the opener no one has even seen this bull….? what is the word?

  5. Hate to tell everyone but this elk was shot today September 30th around 10:45 from what I have been told he is going to gross 508 and net 488. To bad your friend was not able to get the bull. He was taken by mossback guides with the hunter who purchased the governor tag

  6. To bad big money won out. Wouldn’t it be nice to exchange hundreds of thousands of dollars to kill a big bull. How can you call that fair chase. Its all about the camera time with Moosenut Outfitters. Its really nice how they have taken something as basic and primitive as hunting and turned it in to a game of millions. Hope they can sleep at night knowing how many hunters hunts they screwed up just trying to find the bull. I would like to see what happened if those clowns came to WY and tried the same “fair chase” bs here. I would have loved to see Cody pull it off, but I’m sure you have learned more about elk hunting than this hot shot flatlander with some money will ever know.

  7. johnathan says:

    hey sorry to tell ya spider bull was taken the other day

  8. oscar cota says:

    although i could have shot this bull w/ my bow(martin)! It is still an honor to know the name of the gentleman that took this magnifecent creature. GOOD JOB DENNY

  9. I really suspect that is bull was home grown and given steroides to enhance his growth this much.

  10. Joe Sehulster says:

    I love hunting as much as anyone and I work all year just in anticipation of archery season. It does get old watching these guys who have lots of money buy their hunts such as the spider bull. That’s great that someone has the resources to hunt like like that, but most of us guys will never be able to buy a govenors tag, or be able to afford an outfitter. Then to make videos from it, and guess who buys the majority of these videos? YEP… regular guys like you and me. Hunting has become too commercialized in recent years! I think I’ll stop buying videos from now on.

    1. Gustavo Arvelo says:

      Do you all remember when your mom said, ” get an education, and make something of yourself”

      That’s what Denny Austed did. He sacrficed economically and paid for college, he bacame a physicist
      and then went into realestate. Being of good personality and good in math he made very good money.
      He is ” the American dream” and he can spend his well earned money which ever dam way he pleases.
      So I think itsw terrible to call him “one of those rich guys” ( a coment of comunist philosphy) .
      He is the result of hard persistant smart work in America. In the USA 90% of millionares are made from scratch
      every year and not by inheritance like in Europe.
      God I love this country!!!!! America works!
      So get a good education and lets hunt Elk!!!

      1. elkoutfitter says:

        Just cause you have money doesn’t mean you are entitled to the best of everything! GO BLUE COLLAR!

        1. #$%^ u #$%&*

          1. We had to edit Al’s post a little bit to keep things family friendly.

            As you can imagine it was a very intellectual thought that really contributed to the conversation. Thanks Al.

  11. Chilstone says:

    Just the fact that there are seven guys around this bull where it was dropped and the hide is still on it shows you something is fishy. Well of course they could have just shot it for horns and let the meat sour I guess.

  12. Pat Gilligan says:

    I was hunting with Doyle on a black powder hunt in So Utah last week and he’s now back on an elk hunt in mid-state.I’m sure he’ll contact when he’s done next week. First let me tell you some stories on Govenor’s tags. I purchased my first Governor’s tag in Utah in 1996 for $5000 and hunted hard and killed a bull on Monroe that went around 370 B&C. I hunted for no particular bull but worked hard and had a great time. There were many other hunters in the same area and it was every man for himself. Two year’s later I hunted with Doyle who wanted to film my hunt. I found him to be not only a great guy but one of the best guides I’ve every met. Again we didn’t hunt any particlur bull but hunted an area know for big animals. On the 13th day of our hunt we found a bull that had never been seen before and was lucky to get to him and harvest it. It was ear tagged and the Utah Fish and Wildlife had a hard time determining where the bull was tagged. It in fact had traveled over 200 miles and survived all the local hunter in numerous counties for over 8 years. A couple of year’s later I had another Governor’s tag and hunted for over thirty days without taking an animal. Doyle had told me about a bull that showed up every December 24th at the same place the same time. It turned out I took a respectable bull in late October foregoing the big bull. In fact Doyle took out the lucky Utah Governor’s tag reciepient, who paid $5.00 for the tag, and found the bull on the 24th of December. It is the current State record. I guess my point is that this isn’t just locating a bull and driving up to it a harvest it just because you paid a ple of $$. All the pre-scouting one does in the summer goes by the wayside September first. The bulls dissapear heading to their rutting country. I don’t every recall taking a bull in Utah that was located and filmed earlier in the fall. It just isn’t that easy. Now the Spider Bull. Doyle had sent me a picture of the bull from mid-summer. He didn’t think that it was as big as it turned out. The public also knew about the coming and goings of the bull-very highly publicized. When Doyle’s hunter arrived for the hunt that commenced on the first of September they had lost track of the bull and were scouting the area. They located it on the 12th day and the hunter missed. He then left the state and all the other resident hunters and outfitters continued to hunt for the Spider. Any one of them could have located and harvested the animal. Do you think there would be such a hue and cry that we’re hearing now if that occured? As it turned out Doyle’s hunter returned two weeks later and they relocted the bull some 20 miles off the mountain and was able to harvest it. They were very lucky it was still alive and now everyone’s a bit put off that they couldn’t find it. Yes Doyle hires a bunch of local guides but he also has many hunters to who he provides his services and who respect him and his work ethics. I guess I could have been critized for buying a Govenor’s tag for $5000 and in killing a 370 bull. The fact that it now cost so much more to get a tag in Utah shouldn’t make any difference. The public archers, muzzle loaders, and rifles hunters had the same opportunity to take the Spider bull. It just didn’t happen.

    1. Hard Truth says:

      This story you tell about the spider bull is partially true…but also filled with some very important mis-information. I was also down on the mountain in search of this bull and fighting with Mossback. Absolutely – tires were slashed, trees were cut down to block roads, night vision goggles were used to track the bull 24/7. The damn gyro plane flew right over my head! The specific mis-information I refer to – is that the group “lost” the bull for a couple of days….that meant he moved over to some private ground nearby. The group was caught sneaking onto this property and was turned into authorities even after a cash offer to the owner. Funny thing though, I guess the “authorities” think Doyle is pretty neat too as they were followed and seen having dinner that night. In NO WAY did any public archers, muzzle loader and rifle hunters have the same opportunity to take this bull. You want to know who thinks this thing is on the up and up… just follow the dollars. Anyone who got a little kickback is eager to give their great guy story of Doyle. I’m proud of the land owner who turned down the cash offer Doyle gave him even though they eventually drove the bull off his land for the taking. You really think a bull worth that much money was “lost” and magically found two weeks later. C’mon.

      1. I have heard he caught the Spider Bull and put a leash around his neck so he could treat him like a pet until Denny could come down and shoot him. (I wonder how many jealous hunters will re-tell that rumor.)

        So the only time the authorities were called is when he was caught sneaking in on the private property? Why didn’t hunters call the authorities when their tires were slashed?

        Looking at the group picture when the Spider Bull was dropped there is not one hunter in the picture that woud scare me off. Why were the other hunters down there so scared of Doyle’s guys? I would love to hear from a hunter that had his tires slashed.

        I did not receive a kickback from Doyle, so i have no reason to give a great guy story of Doyle. The accounts of what happened are so far off I can’t believe this type of stuff happened. If it did happen I am shocked the local hunters didn’t stand up for themselves more.

  13. Pat, thanks for the story. I stick by what I said a long time ago, everyone that actually knows or spent a few minutes with Doyle has had good things to say about him, it’s the hear say people that tell rumors they heard that seem to have a chip. None of that should effect the fact that Denny put himself in a situation where he had the opportunity to take this amazing bull, congrats to him!! If I had the cash I’d consider spending it on a hunt of a lifetime like he did, that’s just one of the thrills in life for me. I hope Doyle is able to continue to make a living off hunting, many of us would love to be able to do that and he’s able to live it!! I look forward to pictures and stories about this elk. For all the frustrated guys out there that feel like money got the animal (money allowed him to spend a lot more time on the mountain than most of us are able to) this is America, land of opportunity. If you want to experience hunts like that make it happen!! There is nothing holding us back. I’m just glad Utah is a state where I can still get a tag every year and we aren’t on a draw system. There’s a lot of good public land out there we can hunt on, maybe I’ll be able to spend more and more time on the mountain in years to come. I grew up in Arizona, I wasn’t a hunter back then but now when I talk to buddies they are lucky to have one person in their group draw out, they can’t get tags each year and have to put in hoping to eventually draw out.

  14. Kent Walton says:

    Sounds like another Kirt Darner story to me.

  15. Hey nice job buying your animal.. I am pretty sure that letting the meat rot is against the law in utah…. Trophy hunters are pathetic. Get a real hobbie! If you have enough money to buy the governers tag take some time off work and do some real hunting. Oh and it is good to see you can’t be alone in the woods from that pic. If you come by my hunting ground I might show you a few things about being a “real hunter”. You give this sport a bad name and you are only admired by your yuppy friends smokin cigars at the country club. Hey Denny, how long did it take them to point it out before you shot. Go back to your white collar job and stay out of the woods.. You might be the next big trophy!!!!!!!!

    1. elkoutfitter says:


  16. Who would want that “next big trophy”? That’s just weird and crossing the line, you can’t fault Denny for choosing to spend his money on a hunt. If I was wealthy I’d love to spend my time and money hunting. True I may not go about it like he did but I love to spend all year in different states chasing different types of animals. I’m a archery addict so I doubt I’d ever do much rifle hunting but still I wouldn’t pass up a chance to be out hunting no matter what the weapon or situation. Hey Denny you need a hunting buddy? I’d be glad to tag along on any of these high dollar guided hunts!! Heck I’ll be the guy with the camera just to get out and track game. Now I’d need you to cover my salary for the time I’m off work and pay for travel and food but hey I’m there if you need me!!

  17. Personally, I would prefer to let an elk like that live and procreate; he has earned the right to pass on his genes. I have hunted with gun and bow, however, I still feel the best of the best should be left to make more “best of breed”. There may never be another like that and that is a shame. There is no pride or joy in taking a prize like that. Sorry, I just couldn’t and wouldn’t. Guys want the biggest rack, kind of like penis envy.

    1. Come on, if the Spyder bull walked by you and you had a tag you would not shoot it. I calling BS! No hunter would pass up a bull because it’s to big.

  18. All I can say is that I have seen Denny in numerous of Mossback videos and in lots of magazines, i.e. Muley Crazy. I have to say that if you put him in the woods, with no money and no outfitter, there is NO way that he would be able to harvest a even “decent sized” animal. Without money he is just a nobody. I get so sick and tired of seeing his damn face all over every new world record for Utah. Try and be like the rest of us Denny and WORK for your animal. No that doesn’t mean BUY it, YOU WORK FOR IT!! I have seen him at Sportsmans and heard him talk to the employees there at the gun counter and all I can say is that he is an idiot that likes to boast about himself and needs a reality check! Oh, and it is sad to see Mossbacks name dragged through this. If they did run off other hunters and did all that other stuff, I am ashamed to say that I watch their videos.

  19. Scott Chester says:

    Start a business. Work a hundred hours a week for years. Employ
    dozens. Risk it all on the next big job. And finally make it, and some whiner who never did any of those things will say you didn’t earn your elk? Bull.

  20. Scott, that may be the best comment I have heard regarding Denny Austed. He has worked his whole life to be able to afford the opportunity to go after an Elk like the Spider Bull.

    I really think that all of the negative comments toward him come from some jealous hunters that are mad because they will never have the chance to tag a bull like that. I understand that many hunters don’t believe in hiring outfitters and that is fine, but what is wrong with someone else doing it? I wanted a little guy to tag the Spider Bull, it didn’t happen. I still can appreciate what a magnificent animal it is, and congratulate Denny Austed. He did what he needed to do to harvest the Spider Bull!

    1. elkoutfitter says:

      Money doesn’t by everything! Jealous…pefft what do you know….Ive hunted my a__ off for years in great areas and seen some BIG BULLS (400 class f.y.i) and just couldn’t pull off an ethical kill or get a shot in range (bow or gun). All hunts were by myself and with a spotter, but I did my best and the result is that I didn’t pay anyone to babysit me. Go back to wishing and hoping to win the lottery to do what I do and love to do every day!

      1. elkoutfitter,

        While I hunt with a group I have never used a spotter on a hunt, why can’t you just do it by yourself? I view an outfitter as a glorified spotter.

        The only difference between you and someone that pays for an outfitter is that you are a freeloader and don’t want to pay someone to do what an outfitter does. You justify it by saying that they are just a “spotter”.

        Man up and hunt on your own if you are going to talk such a big game!

  21. Scotty Antonson says:

    Personally i would find no pleasure in a trophy bull/buck hunt in the manner that these winners of the Govenors tag do.States should do away with the govenors tag, it just gives hunting a bad name. The best part of the hunt for me is going to a area, not knowing what you might find there, finding a decent animal, stalking and hopefully harvesting. Even if the animal outsmarts me and finds an escape route, ive had a good time and learned what not to do the next time.
    I sure hope Doyle and the rest of his crew did not act in the manner that he has been acused of, but if he did, he wouldnt be the first to do so. Ive seen it happen time and time again in the field. For some reason Greed has taken over ethics in some hunters. What a shame. All i can say is i will never be a participant of unethical hunting, even if i had to pass up a world record animal.
    Maybe states should find a handicapped or terminally ill person that does not have the ability to get off the road or out of their vehicle to hunt, and get them to a trophy animal via 4 wheeler or horseback to give them an opportunity of a lifetime. Call it the opportuity of a lifetime Tag.

  22. $180,000 spent on the bull, and you say he worked for it. Now that is BS! All he did is maybe got some cramp from writing out the check.

  23. Just think of all of the money that DWR will receive thanks to Denny Austed.

    Dan, I understand your frustration. I used to feel that way towards road hunters. Do you get pissed off at every road hunter you encounter because all they are doing is driving around until they find a present just standing on the side of the road for them? I give Denny 10 times more credit for what he did than I do road hunters.

  24. X Beidler says:

    Who needs PETA when you have friends like these? Austad unwittingly bought scrutiny into the practices surrounding market hunting and the reduction of a regal animal to a crass commodity. This makes me retch to think that this incident of paid party hunting is sanctioned by the UTDWR and B&C. The comment about successful business being akin to “earning” an elk is moronic and the idiot-justification behind this unethical incident and others like it. Over-guided, over-gunned, over-priced and under-prosecuted. Stand by: this isn’t over yet. Ther’ll be the devil to pay when all the details come out.

    1. Gustavo Arvelo says:

      Denny dontated more money to wild life than you have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He just contributed more towards conservation than any tree hugger!!!!!!!!!!
      And the state recognized him with a privalege.
      Thats the point of all governors tag.

      Its available to all of us. Just do what Denny did. Get a good education, go into bussines or corporate America
      then spend your hard earned money as you wish.

      I’m very proud of Denny. You see his hunt began when he started college. It took him decades to this Elk.
      Isn’t America great?!!!!!!!!!!

  25. There is a lot of talk about information that will be unfolded, details to come. So far all that we’ve heard is that this bull set a world record. There is a lot of controversy about Mossback and his methods of “hearding” the bull and pushing other hunters off the mountain. There’s questions on if this bull was a steroid feed farm bull released to the wild. Every thing is in question even the shooter and how he took this bull, as if he bought it. I don’t think Denny is at fault for anything. He has the resources (money) to enjoy some amazing hunts after some world class animals. I can’t say I’m not jelous of him. When I’m independantly wealthy I hope to spend more than my fair share of time on the mountain, and if I can get a guide to take me in on some great animals then great!! I don’t want a guide that would bully other hunters but I don’t see a thing wrong with a guided hunt. A govenors tag, that’s a great opportunity to get some money to DWR and enjoy some freedom on your hunt. I don’t hold anything against someone with money, I hope his outfit was doing things on the up and up but as far as the hunter with the money to go after this bull… Congrats, I wish Kody was able to spot this bull but Denny pulled it off, I don’t hold anything against him just because of money.

  26. Roland McMeeken (Kiwi) says:

    Im disgusted that a proper wild trophy went to a gang of people instead of a true hunter. Next time why does’nt big Denny just hire a F18 and drop a cluster bomb on the mountain it will probably be cheaper and be less controversial.Take a look in the mirror Denny and all those like him. Your the reason hunters will never be openly excepted in society. Fair Chase yeah right! The Bull was as good as dead when you swiped that card. Good on ya Scotty Antonson thats a great idea! Im a fiordland wapiti hunter from New Zealand and i challenge all of you fat b*st#rds to come over here and hunt free range(yeah its FREE). The richer you are the more time off work you can take thats your only advantage! Come on take the trip of a life time into Fiordland National Park get a taste of what its like to be real hunter. Once you have Denny youll understand the controversy. It aint Jealousy thats for sure!

  27. Gregg Shipman says:

    Every comment in this blog has some good points, (good or bad). The fact remains. Boone & Crocket determined “Spidey” was a free ranging bull killed in fair chase. Different hunters have different hunting ethics. These are mostly personal hunting ethics. I don’t think it’s ethical to shoot deer with a 22 cal gun but thousands of you will go to war against me defending yourselves because you believe different.Several other hunters had the opportunity to harvest this bull but didn’t. The biggest thing I’m releaved of is that it was a hunter that got him and not one of Utahs trophy poachers. There are plenty of them. I used to live there. I know. If Denny had not harvested this bull, he would not have made it through to next year. He would have ended up in some poachers shed waiting for the right opportunity to sell the horns. There was just way to much publicity about this bull even before Denny pulled the trigger (the second time!). Am I jealous of Denny? A little. Am I envious? A lot. Most of us that call ourselves hunters would have done the same thing given the exact same circumstances. Most of us will never be able to afford a Governors tag, but if we could we would probably never miss out on the opportunity to legally and ethically kill the next free ranging world record bull. There is an elk out there somewhere that will take this off the #1 ranking and it hasn’t even been born yet. States are getting very good at managing “your” wildlife. I live in Montana and we see it getting better & better every year. What we need to focus our efforts on is not whether Denny was right or wrong,or ethical or unethical but whether our children and grandkids will have the same hunting opportunities we ourselves and the Denny’s of the hunting world have now.

  28. i LOVE the spider bull he is such a good looking bull.

    I hope that he has left his jenetick out there so i can shoot a beautiful freak like him

  29. If i see Doyle on the Pavaht unit again i will give something to think about

    1. Jim, what are you honestly going to do? I guarantee Doyle will be hunting the Pavant Unit again and I am sure he is not concerned at all about you giving him “something to think about”.

      I have found that comments like this usually come from internet “tough guys”. Don’t hate Doyle because he shot a bull that you have only dreamed about shooting. From everything I have heard there was nothing un-ethical about the way the Spider Bull was harvested. It was not farm raised, and it has passed every test that guys like you said it wouldn’t. Why are you so pissed that another hunter was successful?

      The Spider Bull is the world record and it is an incredible animal!

  30. Love My Guns says:

    congradulations to moss and denny!!!!!!!! Moss you need to give the residents of utah a chance to win a guided hunt I want a hunt I cant afford!!!!

  31. Doyle Moss is simply a great guide with some great guides working for him, The people bashing Mossback or Denny on here should find somewhere else to play, Mossback done a great job and Denny paid his due’s that go towards conservation, My Congrats to the Mossback team and Denny, what they went through to get this bull on the ground was not easy, and only a real panzy ass would think so, Kind Regards Gordon Smith, Old Tree Gun Blanks.

  32. Aaron Vohs says:

    sooo. this is wat i think i have been hunting fair chase for fifteen years and ill tell you this it is the most exciting adrealine filled thing i can do. So to all you disrespectful hunters out there talking crap about this man for killing a monster bull grow up seriously! This man worked his butt of in life and obviously it paid off for him. You wanna know something to this day my dad still tells me to keep up the work and work hard support your family and you know wat it has paid off i have been able to hunt for years cuz i work. Its people like the idiots above talking crap about this man than ruin hunting along with all the peta ppl out there and our president might i add also. So grow up work your ass off and it will pay off trust me! Oh and us hunters need to stick together to if we want to be able to continue to hunt in the near future.

  33. Ok this comment is a little late but oh well!
    Yeah this guy may have worked his whole life for his money but
    Not this hunt. If you have to spend over thousands of dollars for a kill
    That’s bs! Ecspecailly for an elk. Seriously come on! I would rather walk all over
    The mountains all huntin season and not kill something then have someone tell me
    Give me this much money, here’s your tag, and now if you go to this spot at this time, and wait for this long,
    This big bull is gonna walk out and graze in this spot for so long, and there’s your kill.
    Hunting is all about the chase and the hard work for a kill. And REAL hunters understand that, all this guy is going to remember the money he spent for it.
    There was no chase to this hunt what so ever, it was all just handed to him.

  34. This Denny guy is nothing but a rich codependent hunting addict. He depends on others to HUNT for him. It sounds like he is just a guy with a lot of money who likes to be the trigger man on big animals and then collect all of the rewards that true hunters really get. If you are a true hunter, all of the time, pain, blood, sweat, failures, successes are really earned and felt. Denny should really try to do it on his own without paying someone to hold his hand a lead him to these BIG animals. Denny might have worked hard to make his money but he is a phony when it comes to being a true hunter at heart, which I think Doyle Moss probably is but, money can change us all, if we let it. I might go on a guided hunt some day but, I already know that the satisfaction won’t quite be there if I am successful because I have felt what it is like to hunt on my own and succeed and fail. Denny can’t do it on his own so I don’t think he really respects hunting or the animal as much as most hunters. He wants HUNTING GLORY without sacrificing the pain that it takes to get to be a successful true hunter and you know what, Doyle Moss knows this too.

  35. This whole deal is sad if u ask me !! The guy paid over 150K to buy the tags which allowed him to use any weapon in any area of the state (open to hunting) I saw a comment on the internet i thought was very funny ” 40 other people where after this bull” but those 40 people were bowhunter, not some rich dude with a dozen people spotting for him waiting on the call “hey we found him come get him”!!! hey id love to have a team head out into the woods each morning spotting a bull for me! but im a normal person , ive been putting in for year for high-end tags for elk , deer, bighorn sheep, and other species without any luck. PLUS think about this for a sec, of the other hunter who draw out for this unit dont think the TEAM MOSSBACK didnt have an effect on their hunt!!! With a team of spotter looking for this bull in a certain area they used hunter ethic to screw other people plan and simple. If i go into an area and see a truck parked on the side of the road and i planned on hunting this area “I WOULD FIND ANOTHER AREA TO HUNT OUT OF RESPECT FOR MY FELLOW HUNTER” but with a teams of spotter in the area looking for this bull how many times do u think this caused someone to move to a different area to hunt? SURROUND THE AREA UNTIL WE CAN GET OUR GUYS LINED UP FOR A SHOT MMMMM!!! Plain and simple , Im sure we will never know the effects of team mossback covering the area in looking for this giant elk but im 100% sure it did have an effect on the other hunters in the area !! and if they say otherwise then they are full of it !!! That the way i see it, this bull desired a far better end then this and its sad to see a once in a lifetime bull meet its end this way!! dont get me worry , ive hunted with outfitter and guides and they provide a special service and i dont have a problem with that but most guides work 1hunter to 1 guide, or 2 hunter to a guide, but 12 guides to 1 hunter lol. If this guys has any sense of achievement other then just being “A TRIGGER MAN” I DO FEEL SORRY FOR HIM, I THINK THE RECORD BOOK SHOULD HAVE AN * by his name just like barry bonds in baseball

    1. I think its sad that guiding has turned into babysitting the animal 24/7. This Denny guy certainly has the right to spend his money the way he wants, however hardly any of us have the time or financial resources to find an animal then stay on it tell a shooter can be found. and it seems like thats how more and more animals are being taken. I dont have any problem with some one making money by guiding but its just damn irritating when a dozen or more guys sit on an animal and use ultralites to keep track of it. Does that sound like fair chase? Another thing i have wondered and would be interested to hear any info regarding is, has any body seen this bull before it became a 500 class bull? B&C entered it to the books i understand, I know it was tested and all that. But how did this bull go from a ordinary 6 point bull or whatever it was to what it is now? I have not heard of anyone seeing it tell the same year it was shot. Makes me think it was a ranch bull turned loose. But regardless it is an amazing bull

  36. Everyone loves it whenever people come together and
    share views. Great blog, stick with it!

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