20090105__recordelk_01061Congratulations to Doyle Moss and Denny Austed for Harvesting the New World Record Non-Typical Bull. This bull has been on the minds of hunter’s since it was first spotted last Spring. It has caused several controversial conversations in hunting circles and I doubt this announcement will help that at all. I am interested to hear what everyone thinks. Some people will probably feel that this bull does not deserve to be the World Record Holder. Some Hunters think it is a farm raised bull. I have heard hunters that say this bull should have never been harvested so it could pass on it’s “seed” (With a bull like that I guarantee his “seed” is in cows all over that mountain). Other hunters can’t separate the hunter from the bull and therefore hate the bull. This is your last chance to sound off on the Spider Bull before we find the controversial bull for 2009.

Personally, I am fascinated by the Spider Bull. What a magnificent animal! I have heard comments from people that love Doyle Moss and I have heard comments from people that hate Doyle Moss. I have talked to him and I think he is just like the rest of us, a true Hunting Addict. I hope someday he can guide me on a world record Bull Elk hunt of my own. Then I could sit back and read comments from people that have never met me, but hate me anyway because I shot an Elk they could only dream of shooting.

Leave a comment and let us know how you feel about the new World Record Non-Typical Bull Elk.

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  1. I have mixed feeling on this issue. While I want to be clear that I think Doyle Moss is an incredible outfitter, if we all had the ability to to follo0w elk on any given day and knew where these elk were at any given moment on any given day we would all harvest the biggest animal on any hunt. I also appreciate the amount of money the governors tag brings to outdoor conservation and habitat there are other ways to raise this money every year on a lottery system then making this tag only available to the super rich that can spend $150,000.00 on an elk tag. These animals were not born for the amusement and bragging rights of the super rich and every hunter that in the field year after year should have the chance of this tag and its benefits. As for the monster bull I congradulate the hunter and the guide to bag such an animal that will rule the record book for years to come, but have to ask myself if I had the money to spend on the tag and the time to scout the lands would it not be possible for me to take the same animal. Don’t get me wrong this is an extremely rare animal worthy of recognition but the hunter is no better than any rich debutant that thinks his money makes him better than the poor slob that hunt for the dream year after year while he makes just enough money to support his family and hopes to add meat to the freezer each fall in a real fair chase situation that puts him one on one not a one on twenty situation that pads all pocket books involved with the exception of the outmand and outgunned elk.. In the future because of the changing times and situatuatons. Records should be left to those who have met the animal on its own terms, territories, unassisted by manpower and technology and certainly by the amount of some ones bank account. If money becomes the definition of a hunter than those who formed this sport and the tradition to millions of Americans that take to the field each year with the desire and skill that make the harvest one of accomplishment are cheapend and our youth cheated by the almighty dollar .

  2. what i think….? well i think, wow… what luck to get the bull of a life time…
    my feelings towards the other hunters with a complaint…!
    they are just jelious, prob. someone who is soft, a whiner, and just needs something to cry
    about…. dang what a sad world we live in, to many babies….

    1. elkoutfitter says:

      you don’t hunt much do you ? Maybe just whitetails huh? Some people just don’t understand what hunting is about!

  3. elkoutfitter says:

    The bull was farm raised and BOUGHT, not hunted. Sure mossback had to chase it down and bring into range for dennys 6000 dollar rifle but a dumb farm raised animal is not hard to find. This is a disgrace for Boone and Crockett ,SCI and others to be accepted into there record books! This is a joke, and to all you monkeys out there that think we are jealous guess again. I do not need to be in record books to claim my fame… I hunt FREE RANGE elk, deer, pronghorn, and bear d.i.y., no guides and always get what I want out of it because I WORK FOR IT! Yes my name does say elkoutfitter… because I can and do take people elk hunting! As far as I’m concerned my 280-300 class bulls are far better and more of a success than this poor farm bought animal because I did it on my own!

    1. Sounds like you are jealous of Dennys’ Bull. If you want you can share the pictures with us and we will put them side by side with the Spyder Bull and see what the Hunting Addicts would prefer. Send the pictures to photos@addictedtohunting.com and we will see what is more of a success.

      Also, in another comment you say “All hunts were by myself and with a spotter, but I did my best and the result is that I didn?t pay anyone to babysit me.” You are ripping on hunters that use Outfitters, yet you are an outfitter yourself. How do you run a business when you believe the service you provide is lame and useless?

      I know there were a ton of hunters after the Spyder Bull which makes it a very difficult hunt. It may or may not be a legit kill. The one thing I know for sure is your jealousy really shines in this comment!

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