Attending the Expo is a great way to get your off season blood boiling. We attended the hunting expo here in Salt Lake, Utah last weekend and had an opportunity to visit with some great manufactures and retailers working hard to make our hunts enjoyable. In this economy we need to do all we can to support the Ma and Pa shops in our area. We have already had some of our favorite shops shut down due to the economy and it effects us all.

So at this expo Mossback had Spyder Bull on display. Right off you can tell how it got its name it has a ton of mass in the antlers. It is an amazing animal. We got the opportunity to speak with Doyle Moss for a few minutes. I was able to take a few things from that conversation. One he really is a nice guy, we went on Saturday afternoon and the place was packed. Doyle was doing all he could to get around and shake hands with as many people as possible. He also gave us the DVD of the Spyder Bull hunt. After watching the hunt I can tell you that he is very passionate about hunting. And just like the rest of us out there when we are passionate we can get? a little competitive. With that said there was several parts in the video where they interviewed different individuals that kept track of the Spyder Bull and assisted in the hunt. From everything that I could see they did most of the scouting with High Powered spotting scopes from lower elevations. Doyle’s comment was simply this “Its official now so I don’t care to deal with the speculation anymore”

It was great to rub shoulders with the rest of the Addicted family. Here are some photos of the expo.

47.5 inch spread on this buck
47.5 inch spread on this buck

This buck was shot in Utah in 1938. It has a 47.5 inch spread.


Spyder Bull


We ran into Jeff Foxworthy checking out the Spyder Bull.


More Trophy Bucks!


Our Friends at Timer Hawk Packs had a nice booth.


Some new products from Upstream Images. More to come on those.


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  1. The biggest disappointment with the Spyder Bull is the fact that they did not do a full body mount. Other than that it was great to see this magnificent animal. What a great show, we had a blast meeting fellow outdoor enthusiasts!

  2. Sounds like a good show. Maybe Jeff Foxworthy can come to our hometown show one year.

    Some amazing bucks pictured also.

  3. Great shots! The big expo here is the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh next month, can’t wait to get up there.

  4. I have to say in regaurds to the mount. After seeing a ton of photos and video of the bull alive I do not believe that the cape on the display is actualy the Spyder Bull. I cannot confirm this but I believe that they used a different cape to mount the Antlers on for the display that way there is no risk in damaging the cape in transport. I believe Doyal will be show casing this bull around the west this spring. Once all the shows are done they will do the real mount. Anyway thats my speculation.

  5. The Spider Bull is a great animal that really showcases the type of
    bulls that can be taken in Utah. I can’t wait to draw my tag and
    get after them with my bow.

  6. happy hunting!

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