I emailed Doyle Moss a little bit earlier today because of all of the controversy surrounding the Spider Bull. I have heard all of the comments about his guides blocking roads, herding the bull and slashing hunter’s tires. I had not heard Doyle’s side of the story, and so I began my search for the truth in the comment section on this post. Instead of looking at different opinions and articles, I went straight to the source. Within a couple of hours after receiving my email, Doyle Moss gave me a call.

I am very objective in everything I do. If I hear something, I am not one to believe it until I hear the whole story. I could not believe some of the stories surrounding this bull, they were so far fetched that I knew something was missing. I wanted to find the truth surrounding the Spider Bull!

My search for the truth began as I read more about what others were saying about Doyle, and his company Mossback Guides & Outfitters. As I read the comments about him I noticed a common theme. Everyone that has met Doyle Moss in person thinks he is a great guy. While I have not met him in person, after talking to him I would have to agree. He answered all of my questions, and I could sense the passion that he has for hunting. I could not believe that he would take the time out of his busy day to call me. That alone lets me know what kind of a guy he is. He is not afraid to stand up when the heat is on and face adversity. I respect men like that, and I applaud him for discussing what happened with me.

We are currently working on putting together a piece to share Doyle’s perspective, it should be ready sometime next week.

Thank you for the time Doyle, good luck on your next hunt!

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  1. Good work, Travis! I’m glad to hear this, as well. My cousin works for Steve Alderman and has listened in on speaker phone with some of his conversations with Doyle and said he seems like a real stand up guy. Look forward to what you put together.

  2. Nice job tracking him down and making the effort to find the truth. To many folks are satisfied hearing things secondhand (or further down the line). Looking forward to the post.

  3. Well I have a great story of ol’ Doyle Moss from up here in Northern Utah not paying his finders fees on one of the largest deer ever to come out of the northern unit killed on a governers tag. I hope he reads this because he doesn’t have a very good name around here and it would serve him well taking care of his old dues or clearing up any hardships he created out here.

  4. I had a close friend spend a week in the monroe unit hunting this fall. He came back with horrer stories about Doyle and team mossback. I can’t wait to read your review. I am very good friends with many of Doyle’s kin and have been for over 30 years. I can’t imagine too bad a seed from the family but My friend shoulden’t have a reason to lie either. Spider bull is crazy huge but seems to have alot of “oddities” about the whole thing. You’ve got me waiting to read.

  5. Pretty much everything you hear about doyle is true. His succes is based on party hunting, basically living with a trophy animal until a hunter is found with the cash that can afford his costs. That is why in many pictures you see 7 to 10 guys, they took turns living with the animal and chasing off via intimidation, other hunters on public land.

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