Team Mossback just broke the news that the spider bull has been taken by Denny Austad.? Rumor is that it was on a governors tag two days ago.

Congrats to team Mossback, they were the ones to first spot this amazing bull elk and they were able to lead Denny in to take this monster of a bull!!? We all look forward to pictures of this bull.

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  1. friendly truth says:

    the truth is mossback is not who spotted this bull first. It had been spotted by several locals well before the hunts even started but mossback heard about it through the grapevine and took credit for finding itt

  2. Regardless of who found it first – which doesn’t matter – congrats to these guys for putting their hunter on it, and congrats to Mr. Austad in putting him down. I can’t wait to see the pics, video, and, of course, the official score! What a toad!

  3. There is no question that this bull brought a lot of controversy here in Utah. Team Mossback has ruffled the feathers of a lot of people in central Utah. Bottom line Mossback did their job. They created the video caused the hype and put their client on the bull. And made a lot of money doing so.

  4. Nice Kill Buddy! says:

    I aint got no respect for Doyl Moss, He tells people to get off his F-in Moutain when it aint his anyone can hunt on it…. But job well done Denny, You got yourself one Hell of a Bull buddy!!!!!

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