We received this picture from one of our readers. It is a picture of an Elk that he saw in Monroe 3 years ago that looks like the Spider Bull. I think this elk definitely has the same antler composition as the Spider Bull, and my vote is that this is in fact the Spider Bull in his younger years. This picture is huge because if this is in fact the Spider Bull than it lays to rest the myth that the Spider Bull is a farm raised bull. Let us know what you think!

Here is the account of how he got this picture:

“I took the photo over 3 years ago on the monroe during a wildfire. It was a “fire use fire” the type of fire you let burn and take its natural course in the enviroment. One day while walking around the fire to gps it we ran into some bulls and then we started taking some pictures. After hearing all the buzz about the spider bull i was looking through some old pics and came across this one and it look to me like it could be the spider bull in his younger days.”

Here is the Spider Bull the day it was shot by Denny Austad:

Thanks for the picture, and thanks for sacrificing so much to fight fires and protect the wilderness that we all love. We want to know what our readers think. Is this in fact the Spider Bull?

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  1. Wow – this is huge. I mean REAL huge. Great lead on this – look forward to hearing what everyone thinks. It definitely has some character and it’s big…I’m on the fence. Hard to tell – but could it be possible there’d be two such big bulls in the same area? Possible, but not likely – I’ll go with it being the spider bull. Awesome job, guys!

  2. Not the Spider Bull, It is a bull named Chickenfoot that was harvested 3 years ago.

  3. Josh, I have never heard of the bull “Chickenfoot”. Do you have any pictures to back up this claim? I would love to see this bull, if it is not the Spider Bull, as well.

    This is a very impressive bull and I am surprised we have not heard more about it.

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