Well Kody tagged out Saturday, he took a nice bull but not the one he was after.? He never saw the infamous spider bull, neither has any other hunter I’ve heard about since the opener.? So that bull is still out there.? While it looked to be a perfect hunt for Cody this bull got massive by being smart and he has holed up since the opener.? I know the Monroe area is a limited entry and the hunt Kody drew was limited but there may still be some hunters able to go after that bull during rifle season, I’ll look into that and find out.? So far that bull has evaded all of the attention and hype, he’s proven how he got so big!! I’d love to see someone take the spider bull but it’s going to be a tough one!! Despite knowing the area he’s in, no hunter has been able to bring him in.? Well congrats to Kody on his bull, he’s estimating it as a 320 class, send us some pictures Kody!!

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  1. Tell Kody I was pulling for him. Hopfully its a DIY hunter who has put in the time that gets that bull.

  2. Sweet. I wanna see some pictures.

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