I recently got the opportunity to test out a new product from Avid Hunter. Its the Zip Pistol Cleaning Kit.

I was pretty excited to try this out. I decided to start on my .40 XD. The kit had 3 sized brushes .22, .38, .45. I used the .38 brush and was quickly disappointed when I pulled it through the barrel and had a ton of copper brush needles come out of the barrel.

It looks like the twist on the main part of the brush wasn’t strong enough and the bristles fell out.

So I switched and grabbed my .45 and ran a test with the .45 brush and happy to report that it worked fine. Overall I would say that it is a real nice quick clean for a pistol. A couple of things I found disappointing was the kit comes with a handy squeeze bottle for a cleaning solution but it was empty. In reading the instructions it recommends their cleaning solution but it is not included in the kit. I can’t imagine it costing them that much more to fill the squeeze bottle included so it is an all in one. Second I was a little disappointed in the .38 brush falling apart on me. Things I liked about it was the ease of use. The packaging is nice and compact. And once I switched to my .45 and grabbed some cleaning solution from one of my other kits it worked like a gem. Overall the product worked like it should I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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