I was recently given the opportunity to do a review of one of the best clay pigeon throwers I have ever seen.

Here in Utah, we have a lot of country we can access within an hour to go shoot. I’m not one that likes to pay to go to a range and shoot on a pad of concrete. For me, it’s all about getting out there and shooting in nature.

One of the problems with this is shooting clay pigeons. There are some nice mechanical throwers that tend to be expensive as well as bulky and a pain to load in the truck when you want to go shoot for the morning. There are smaller mechanical throwers but they don’t work all that great. So that leaves us down to the hand throwers. They are easy to throw in the truck or even just keep in the truck.

I have one that I have used for years that is formed plastic and it works but you don’t always have control of the direction of the pigeon and it will occasionally not fire at all. I took this Wing One out the other day and was blown away that this is the easiest thing to use. Simply load a pigeon and with a flick of the wrist and the pigeon not only goes where you want it but it throws them perfectly with ease. I had some video of us throwing them but it does not want to upload.

Below are some pictures. Here is the kicker they are only $35. For anyone that likes to go target shooting but doesn’t like to spend all morning loading up. This is an absolute must-have.

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