My Uncle Brett sent me an email the other day that contained some pictures of interesting ways hunters get their game home. The creativity of these hunters cracked me up! I always love it when we pack for the hunt and then step back and take a look at the truck and realize we have no room for an animal if we get one.

Shane and I had a similar experience after our first successful hunt and had someone taken a picture of us we could have easily been featured in this email. You can read Shane’s post about our experience hauling 2 deer off the mountain with a Chevy Spectrum here.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did!

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  1. Who needs Photoshop? The guy w/ the jeep, apparently. The rest are legit – love it!

  2. A few of these pictures went through my head when I thought I might have to figure out a way to fit on deer in and/or on my Ford Taurus. Thankfully, though, so far my brother has been available and the Taurus hasn’t been used. I’m not against using it, though, if the situation warrants it:):):)

  3. Who needs horses or a truck?

    1. Awesome pictures! Very innovative and resourceful. Are these pictures of you out hunting?

      1. Travis,yep, and in your neck of the woods. I have hunted elk in Utah every year on my birthday since 1987. I started using the bicycle in 1988. Pulled the first elk out with it between East Canyon and Parleys Summit. Used it to get a nice 8×6 out of the Oquirrhs in ’89. and have used it more times than I can remember to get elk and deer out by the Gorge.

        Now I plan to take it on a sheep hunt here in Alaska in 2010. Its a 20 mile hike in an area closed to motorized travel.

        1. Incredible! I know that Jason and Scott have used bikes to access some areas around East Canyon as well. It makes sense, it is a quit way to get to remote areas very quickly.

          Let us know how the sheep hunt goes, we would love to hear about it. I went fishing in Sitka a couple of years ago and I am hooked! I can’t wait to get back to Alaska and explore some of the different areas.

  4. Who needs Photoshop? The guy w/ the jeep, apparently. The rest are legit – love it!

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