This picture had me laughing hard.? It reminded me of my first deer.? My younger brother and I got our first deer about 15 minutes apart from each other….and no it doesn’t matter who was first…or who’s had the bigger rack.? Anyway, we drug these out?and packed our stuff up to go.??The rest of our hunting crew were still hunting?so we decided we would take the deer with us to start butchering them.? We took my brothers car …which was a hatchback not much better than the one in this photo.? We had all our gear and both deer stuffed in the back of the car.?? We were cruising down the canyon when this big 4×4 rig with rear window?hunting decals, mudders, loaded with hunters (no game?in the bed) flew by us.? Well they quickly hit the brakes till we caught up to them and just drove along us looking in the back of the car….they weren’t even laughing thats how bewildered they were about being outhunted by a two wheel drive car with two young kids in the car.

I might also add that upon arriving home my brother informed me he had a school dance he had to go to and they were starting early so he couldn’t help me skin and butcher the deer….nice Travis.? Thanks for letting me take care of both of them.

In this picture somebody got an elk while only taking a hatchback car…much different than the elk hunting I am familiar with…I would just drive by full of jealousy also.

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  1. Shane, we all remember I was first and my buck was bigger…size does matter. I am the youngest of the brother’s, but I was the first to tag a deer. The best part of making you clean up the deer was when my date picked me up for the school dance, my future wife was driving us and waited in the car while my date came in for pictures and whatever else Mom made us do. Brandi, my wife, was sitting alone in the car since she had not picked up her date yet and Shane drug the deer across the driveway to hang it in the garage. She claims she still has nightmares about that! Good times! I will never forget the look on the hunters faces in the truck. It was classic and I bet we are the only people that have crammed 2 deer in the back of a hatchback like that. This picture is classic and I can see us doing something like that as well. What a great hunt!

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