Over the last few weeks we’ve all been gearing up for the opener. This Saturday is Utah’s opener for the archery hunt. Travis and Jason are going to stick to the standard spot and hunt deer. Scott and myself can’t get elk out of our heads until we’ve taken ours so we will be in our limited entry area. There is a lot that has to happen to be ready for the hunt.

We’ve been out scouting (Scott more than anyone, he’s kinda an over achiever!) Then there’s the gear.
First there was the bow, I had to restring in, get everything sited in and tuned. Then get out and shoot!! For some reason this didn’t happen as often as I’d like but I’ve been out and feel great at 60 yards, past that I need to mark my pin. I have the G-5 4 pin site with the 4th pin on a scroll you can mark. Right now I’ve set a 30, 40, 50, and have the scroll at 60 (the PSE X-Force shoots so flat you don’t need a 20 yard pin for hunting!!). I’d like to get my site marked for 70 and 80 but probably not before the opener!!

Then I started getting my gear together. Over the year I’ve used some of the gear for different things so it was scattered. Finding my range finder and binock’s was what had me nervous but there they were carefully put away in my closet, beneath some clothes and all the way back on the shelf so I missed it the first few times looking!! Boots, socks, camo, under armor, gloves, calls, knives, I think I’ve located everything and have it back in one spot, my scent lock bag.

Now that I have all the gear ready I’m starting to look forward to getting on the mountain. Scott and I will be up there Friday, Scott will be after his 7×7 along with others that have spotted that bull, I’m hoping to get into an area that is less worked over and sit on some water looking for a 6×6 we have seen a few times now. These first few weeks are tough to hunt elk, they aren’t in the rut and the hunters push them into hiding. We also are expecting cool weather and some rain so water spots may not even be a good spot to be due to the fact water will be everywhere. I hope that the cool weather get’s them out an moving.

Well I hope that everyone in Utah with a tag gets out and enjoys the opener, other states with hunts opening soon good luck!

You can follow our updates about the hunt on Twitter!

Enjoy the hunt!! Nothing like the excitement of the opener, it may take more than opening weekend but we expect to fill all 4 tags and hope you are successful too!!

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  1. Good luck to all of you guys. I hope all of you fill your tags. I’m going to have to live vicariously through you at this point, since our opener isn’t for a few weeks.

  2. Just curious has any of you guy’s seen a lost puppy on the mountain i heard threw the grape vein you guy’s are on the nebo unit.

  3. Also have you guy’s tagged any elk yet.

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