So this morning Allen and I were able to finally get out and do some scouting for our limited entry tag. Scott has been out every week for the last month and had some good areas in mind. We started out glassing some big meadows from up top. We spotted a cow in one of the meadows but she seemed to be alone. So we continued down the road and in less than a mile we came accross 15 plus head of Elk just off the side of the road. There were a couple of small 5 points in the group and 3 spike bulls the rest were cows. We carried on down the road to another point where he had been seeing a lot of Bulls. We sat there and glassed for awhile not seeing much but a handfull of cows. I walked down the road a bit and was glassing when all of a sudden I heard a cow mew. At first I thought maybe a bird but then another cow answered. There were a handfull of mew’s going on about 200 yards off from where we were. By this time Allen and Scott had heard them and came over. Then the unbelievable a Bull lets out a bugle. It is very rare to hear bulls sounding off in July. So we grabed our camo and game calls and moved in closer. We got to the area that they were in and called a few times but no answer. So we set up on a rock and glassed some more. Scott let out another bugle and the cows responded down the hill from us. There were several cows mewing back a forth. Then the bull bugled again. Scott answered and you could hear him actually comming towards us. We waited and then saw a body come through the trees it was a cow she moved through the trees 60 yards below us. We cow called a few more times and then had another bull bugled from the other side of us. Right after that a little spike came up the hill 60 yards below us. We could never get either of the two bulls to come out but it was great to hear that sound in the wild again. We carried on down the road and ended up spotting 3 more Bulls two real small and then a nice 6 point that only presented itself for a few seconds. We have several areas to hunt and hopefully in the next 18 days we can start posting some of the pictures of our success. We have 4 Big Bull tags to fill in this unit so not an easy task. Thats one a week before we are all done. Wish us luck.

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  1. Have a great time, and I hope you fill the freezer. At some point in my life I am going to have to elk hunt; it sounds awesome.

    1. Arthur, if you are ever make it out west for some Elk Hunting you are always welcome to join the Hunting Addicts!

      It truly is a unique experience. There is nothing like hearing the sound of an elk bugle in the deep woods. The hair on the back of your neck stands on end and it is the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever felt.

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