This is a picture of my Dad preparing me for the hunt on opening morning. I love the excitement of getting up early and getting the hunting gear on and heading to our spots. I feel like a kid again waiting for the opener of the hunt this year, it is driving me crazy. I have a good feeling about what will happen, and I think a couple of guy’s in our group could fill their tags. As we were sitting around at McDonalds, after setting up our hunting spots, we all felt really good about what could happen. My Dad, Tim, mentioned that he could see us taking 2-3 deer this year, and he is not one to make bold predictions like that.

I think the arrival of my first son has me extra excited for this year’s hunt. While I was getting my hunting spot prepared last week I kept thinking of the good times I will have with him out hunting. I cleared out a big enough spot that he can sit next to me during the hunts (that was probably a little premature as he will have several years before he can join me). I loved having my Dad get me ready for the hunt, and although he doesn’t get me ready anymore, I still love hunting with him. I hope my son will enjoy hunting with me as much as I have enjoyed hunting with my Dad!

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  1. What a great photo. My memories like that involve my older brother, but I totally know where you are coming from. The anticipation is awesome, and I can’t wait to pass that on to my new arrival (in October) as well.

  2. This photo makes me laugh. How old were you Travis I would guess this photo is at least 19 years old. I would bet if you were to go look in dads hunting gear he still has this jacket.

  3. 19 years ago I would have been 7, that sounds about right. I bet he does still have the jacket, being the youngest I wore yours and Shane’s handy-downs of that same jacket for years. I think a benefit to being the youngest was I went out hunting at a much younger age than you guy’s. I don’t remember going on my first hunt, it just seems like I was always there.

    My favorite part of this picture is how serious we are getting the face paint on, and I have a red backpack ready to go. Nothing say’s sneaky like a bright red backpack.

  4. That picture is adorable. I love how solemn you look. You’ve already got your game face on.

  5. Travis, what a great site! I just found it and have added it to my blog roll. I can really relate to your ideals, philosophy, and addiction! Keep up the good work!
    Live to Hunt…

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