I am so ready for this Hunt. Saturday Travis (my brother), Garrett (my brother in law), Tim (also known as Fred who is my dad), and I went up to our hunting spots. We went up to set some bait and build some natural blinds. It was a good time, I love it up there the wild flowers were growing all over the place. The minute we parked and started walking on the road you could see deer and elk tracks everywhere. I went down to the spot that I have loved for years now.?I leveled out a 5′ x 5′ area cleared out any vegetation and branches that will eventually dry up and create possible noise while hunting. I then gathered up some dead timber around the area and built a natual?blind around my spot,?something that I will be able to sit behind but low enough that I would be able to stand up and shoot anything behind me. I then got the range finder out and picked out some trees at 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards.? Then I went down to these shooting spots and leveled out some bait spots making sure that they were in a good shooting lane from my spot. I then placed two mineral rocks in two of these locations. I also did one spot with liquid Deer Co caine and another with Beast Feast. The liquid Deer Co Caine is a sweet smelling mixture of minerals and deer attractants. You just dig a spot level with a little depression and then pour it into the dirt. It will solidify and chunk up a little. I then took my beast feast and used it to draw the deer from the close by trails up to the hot spots. Beast Feast is a powder that smells extremely sweet. I dug several different spots out and then put the powder in the holes. You want to make sure that you dig a good depression so the wind doesn’t blow your powder everywhere. The last thing I did was spread some Deer molasses on several dead logs around the area. The molasses will soak into the wood and give a nice smell and stopping point for deer.? This is a good way to get deer into the area you are hunting. The important part is to keep them there. Now that you attracted them you need to keep them coming back for more. The mineral rocks will last up to a month so you wont need to replace them but every week you should go and replace the other baits. Its also good to go back and see what results you are getting. If you go back and the ground around all your baits is turned to powder from tracks then you know that it will be a good hunt. The other thing is set a motion sensing digital camera up. Unfortunately my?camera didn’t come in before Saturday so I didn’t get it set up. I will be taking?it up there this weekend and by the weekend after that I will be able to share some photos. I can’t wait until opening morning!!!

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  1. I love the setup portion of hunting. It always brings a sense of anticipation and I just love it. Good luck when you finally get to head out.

  2. I hear you. I’ve been getting ready for archery antelope, scouting for elk and getting geared up for my bear bait. Excited!

  3. Well you learn something new every day. Your blog is well set up and very well done and I had no idea that you could even bait deer in Utah until I talked to one of your wildlife enforcement officers who corrected me and informed me that baiting was legal in the state of Utah.

    Does baiting bring in and attract the elk as well?

  4. It works real well for Elk as well as Bear. You want to make sure you try diffent things and monitor the tracks around the bait. If you are setting up for Deer and you are getting alot of Elk and Bear tracks you may want to try something else and vice versa.

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