Grabber 1

So I got a product test that I want to put out there. Its not a hunting product but its a guy/handyman product. So I got these in the mail a little while ago but with the holidays and such didn’t get a chance to break them out. They are called Gliders and Grabbers.
Here is some photos of them.

Grabber 2
Grabber 3
Grabber 4

So these little triangles are pretty useful things. One one end they have a ridged red piece of Rubber and then on the opposite side a smooth rounded cap that can be removed. OK so the first test was to use them in a bedroom to move a cabinet. So I put them smooth side down on all 4 corners and I was able to slide the cabinet around the room no problem.

On the packaging it showed them being used in a work shot in order to hold a piece of wood in order to sand it. I tried using them to glide a piece of wood through my table saw. They gripped great I was able to move the wood with less fingers and force.

So I have hardwood floors throughout most of my home and in the family room one of the things that bugs the most is when the couches slide on the wood floor. I have tried several products and they will work for a while but eventually the couch slides again. So I got the idea to take the smooth surface off of them when you do this as seen in the photos there is rubber grip on both sides. I put them under the feet of my couch and was amazed the couch will not slide on the floors. I have had them under for almost a week and they are still holding strong.

All in all I would say this is a really great product to have around the home. It works and can be used all sorts of tasks around the home.

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