The Bow Keeper

So earlier this year I was selected to test out a device called the Bow Keeper. I was pretty excited as it was just before the bow hunt. Well, it never arrived so I was able to get them to send me another one, and got it at the end of the Bow season. I was able to take it with me once on an extended archery hunt but forgot to bring a camera along to snap some photos. Here is a Photo of the device.

This is a handy little device if you do any tree stand or Sit and stalk style hunting. It’s perfect for my style of hunting. I prefer finding the patterns of my prey and their habitat and then setting them up in the right spot and letting them come to me. I’m not a tree-stand person I love being on the ground with them.

I clipped this on the pocket flap of my jacket and anytime I sat down I put my D loop over the hook and it kept my bow sitting on my lap while I was able to glass the area around me. I highly recommend picking one of these up. They are made by Hunters Logic and are only $10.00.

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