This photo was taken on a cell phone last week after the guy took his friend to Bass Pro Shop to buy his first bow.

The clerk was ‘assisting’ him in zeroing it in, and, after shooting several arrows, making adjustments etc., the clerk accidently handed him an arrow that was too short.

When he drew back, the arrow tip fell down onto his hand and he somehow released it. They rode to the hospital with the bow in his buddy’s hand because it impaled his finger also! They are both archery amateurs (I’m thinking the clerk is also?). I don’t think the guy who got shot ever had held a bow prior, let alone shoot one…OUCH!

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  1. The old arrow through the hand trick, Steve Martin put an arrow through his head, ha ha. I have never seen an arrow in someone’s hand, sorry dude. Hope you healed up and are hunting.

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