So what sights do you use on your bow? For years now I have been shooting Shur-loc and have loved them. This year I am trying out the Shur-Loc with the retina lock.



This is a pretty sweet sight. That being said it is also a very complicated sight. Some of the features it has include being able to adjust the sight to level to your natural hold. Every sight comes with a sight bubble and that sight bubble is important. But lets be honest in a hunting situation how many check the bubble for level before taking the shot? There are correct ways to hold the bow and with lots of practice you should be able to hold the bow every time and have it be level without the need to adjust. But I have met guys who have a hard time holding (the better word would be bracing) the bow without having a natural lean by a few degrees and really have to fight against to get it level. I’m a firm believer the more comfortable you are the better you will shoot. The Shur-Loc allows you to level the sight to your natural stance so every time you pull back you should be level. The other detail is the retina lock. This is getting a lot of play right now. Again it is something you tune to your anchor point and it ensures that you are consistently at the same anchor point every time. Three things to ensure a perfect shot every time. 1) Level sight pins 2) Exact anchor point 3) Natural release. So these new developments are great right? Well I’m not going to lie they can be a pain to adjust and tune. And from my perspective the Retina lock should be used in practice so by the time you are in the field you hit your anchor point every time. But the technology comes at a price the Shur-loc costs as much as an entry level bow.

Do you need all this technology to fine tune your shot? No, the reality is there are things that you can use that are much cheaper to get the same result. Things like kisser buttons, smaller peep sight, Practice, proper holding of the bow, string on the tip of your nose, Practice, Practice, Practice. One of my favorite set ups was the Bear single cam Truth with a simple Montana Black and Gold. Anything under 50 yards and I was good to go. I love my two cam DNA I love that my top pin is a 30 yard pin because of its speed. I love that I can extend my comfort shooting level out to 70 yard without a question.  But when extending yardage out that far you also increase opportunities for error. And I think sights like the Shur-loc sure can help zero in so you can hit those targets with confidence.


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