Starting out late in life getting into hunting and archery I had a lot to learn.? My first bow was great and lucky for me was free, a Browing test bow.? For the first time about a year and a half ago I purchased a bow, A Whisper Creek Innovator Pro.? I looked into several before choosing my bow, I tried out Hoyts, Fred Bear, PSE and settled with my Whisper Creek.? A Major factor in my decision was that?like a hand gun every bow will feel different in someones hand.? My business partner and hunting friend loves Hoyt’s, they feel good in his hands and he shoots them well.? I am so uncomfortable shooting a Hoyt that they don’t work for me, I can’t even pin down why other than the riser and handle are not comfortable in my hand.? My Whisper Creek feels right, I draw back smooth and it feels perfect in my hand.? Some of the features I enjoy are the wood handle (an option I had to add but well worth it to me).? They have one of the most quite bows on the market (when tuned right).? Their Hypersuspension helps reduce vibration and noise.? I added a G-5 site with micro adjust, a drop away rest and colapsable stabilizer.? I shoot with a loop and Scott Little Goose release using Carbon Express Arrows with? 3″ Blazers.

My experience in purchasing a bow leaves me with a few tips, here are some:

* Make sure you feel comfortable shooting the bow, find a shop that allows you to come in and shoot the bow before you buy it, there are numerous small shops across the nation that allow this and a few bigger chains that do not.

* Get an appropriate draw length and weight for you, get a bow that is tuned for you and comfortable to you!

* Don’t be afraid of technology and advances, my father in law has always shot with his fingers, getting him to switch to a release was like pulling teeth!! I know some people enjoy the challenge of instinct shooting and a set up that is not so advanced however in my opinion getting close to the game is the challenge, when you’re close enough to take a shot I’d rather be confident that I will make an accurate shot and kill the game not misjudging and leaving an injured animal in the woods.

* Plan a budget for accessories, with out them your bow is useless.? You need a quality sight, release, stabilizer, and arrow rest in order to?give you every advantage in the woods, these items add up and can run as much as a bow.? There are options on all of these for every budget and bow packages that include what you need but make sure you have what you need nad plan on it when you make your purchase.

* Weight, the weight of your bow is something to look at.? My Whisper Creek is a little heavier than comparable bows however I’m a big stocky guy and the weight doesn’t effect me like it may others.? The sound and vibration I lost was woth the weight I gained. Look at?the weight of the accessories you add also.

The factors in a bow and getting it set up are numerous?and personal.? Make sure your bow is properly set up for you and practice!! There’s no other way to be ready for your opportunity on the hill this fall than to practice and know your ability. Practicing with a bow that is not set up for you may cause bad habits so choose your bow wisely and take a little time to set it up properly.? Enjoy the sport, I love it and look for chances to get out and shoot in leagues and competitions!!

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  1. Some good tips. Thanks for sharing so that we can all learn before we go and buy a mistake!

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