First off, I want to apologize for the lack of posts the last few weeks. The Addicted to Hunting team is in the middle of our Archery Deer and Archery Elk hunts and it has been a dandy so far! We have had near misses, long hikes, cold mornings, good memories and an afternoon blizzard!I promise more posts are coming with some of our great experiences this year.

The greatest moment of all came when Garret spotted a Muley that we think Jason and our Dad, Tim spotted last year. He was huge last year and if Garretts accounts of this buck are true, he looks to be much bigger this year. Garrett said he had a 35″+ spread and had at least 5 points on one side, possibly 6 on the other. Huge body, huge rack and a huge pain in our collective rear ends to hunt! Garrett spotted him on Opening morning at about 100 yards away and he was unable to close the distance to where he could shoot.

Last weekend I decided to take a long hike in the middle of the day, after a slow morning, to see if I could find anything. I hiked down by where Garrett reported he saw him and I jumped a 4 point that would look great on any wall. Last year the monster was running with another big buck and after looking at where he was bedded down I could tell there were several beds and they could possibly running together again this year. Right below where the 4 point was bedded down there are several meadows with a ton of watering holes.

This area is extremely difficult to hunt. The hill down to where they are bedded down is extremely steep. They are bedding down on a little shelf on the mountainside. They are bedding down right at the ridgeline of this shelf and the hill that goes down to the watering holes would be a difficult hill to ski down, let alone hunt. We have our hands full and we are excited for the challenge! We are heading up tonight to try and ambush them and we will be hunting them all day tomorrow as well.? Hopefully Monday morning will bring a post about the Monster Muley that we took down!

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  1. Hopefully this weekend went well for you guys. I’m looking forward to the update.

  2. Hey Guys,

    My partner and I will be blackpowder (traditional) hunting in SW Kansas starting the 23rd.

    I hope one of you anchors that big muley. If you do post photos!

    Good Luck


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