I wish my Uncle Brett would have warned me before I opened these pictures at work, I could not focus the rest of the day imagining these Bulls on my front lawn. What lucky people to open their front door and have these monsters greet them. I know most people in the world would be freaked out to see this, but hunting addicts are a different breed. I would cherish a moment like this forever and tell everyone I know about it.

Enjoy these Bull Elk pictures!

Elk eating flowers

Elk - Just Resting

Elk - Just Resting

Elk crossing

Elk eating in front yard

Elk in front yard

Click on any of these pictures to view them in a larger format.

I can’t wait to go hunting!

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  1. Where was this? That would be an interesting site to see that is for sure. All I have in my front yard is squirrels.

  2. I’ve never sen city elk, before. That’s awesome – not like these are little fellas, either! Those are some big bulls! Man, I can’t wait till September!!!

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