Make sure you submit your big game draw application with the Utah DWR this week to ensure a tag for the upcoming hunt. I know that last year the statewide Archery tags did go over the counter, but were sold out in a matter of hours. This year it wouldn’t surprise me at all if guys can’t get a tag because they didn’t draw out. If you want to hunt deer in Utah, do not wait to try and buy a tag over the counter! Log on to and you can fill out your application for Limited Entry Elk, Deer, Pronghorn or just the general season deer.

One thing to also point out is pay attention to the cost of the tag. Some people don’t pay attention to that and assume that the tag will cost the same as an over the counter tag and suffer some shock when they get charged $300.00 for their tag. For each application there is a $10.00 fee.

Good luck and I hope to hear that some fellow addicts draw out this year!

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