Utah hunters have something else to watch out for this fall when the mountain goat hunt begins. Apparently, there is a man dressed up as a Goat living amongst a herd of mountain goats in Northern Utah. He is simply known as the Utah Goat Man.

This may be the strangest story I have ever heard. I have so many questions for this man, I wish I had a couple of minutes just to pick his brain and see how he does it. I want to find out how committed he is to being the Goat Man.

  • When and what does he eat?
  • How does he go to the?bathroom?
  • What was it like the first time he approached the goats?
  • How did they receive him?
  • Is there any interaction taking place between him and the goats?
  • How?embarrassed?is he that his dirty little secret went viral and he is all over the news?

As a Hunter this intrigues me. Maybe I should dress up like an Elk this fall and try to integrate with the herd and then once the hunt begins it would be easy pickings. The possibilities are endless.

He looks so loneley and sad in this picture. He realizes he has been caught by Human and it seems like he is not fitting in with the Goats either. What a lonely world.

Goat Man, please don’t listen to the critics. Go on living your dreams amongst the mountain goats, it is not weird at all.



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