I was in North Carolina for a couple years and when talking to my buddies out there about hunting they could get up to 6 deer per season…the deer?were whitetail deer and they were the size of a large dog but sounded like?my friends?had a blast hunting them.? This picture brought two memories…one of my fellow hunters in the South and the second was a hunt we had a couple years before I got my permit.? Our group had four tags and filled all four with good size mule deer before 9:00 am on the opener.? Not a bad hunt.

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  1. Having only hunted muley’s and one tag per person this picture is baffling!! Some buddies of mine headed back east this last season expecting to fill all their tags and get a handfull of white tails each. Big promises from someone back east left them all frustrated as they came back with one small deer. It’s amazing they are thick enough to fill a truck!!

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