Wow, where do?I begin. So much happened on the opener and theres so much that?I can work on?I really dont know where to start.? Being fairly new to bow hunting?I have a lot to learn but?I am catching on to new “tricks” every time?I go. I felt more prepared than?I really was on opening morning and with bow hunting, preparation is most important.?I found myself shivering and getting up every 30 minutes just to stay somewhat warm, an extra pair of socks, warm gloves?and a sweater are a necessity when on the mountain trying to wait out deer. Weeks prior?I had marked my area with a log so I knew thats where?I needed to cut down the mountain to get to my spot,?unfortunately something happened to my log and?I ended up overshooting my spot by 100 yards. Another helpful tip is to know the area where you will be hunting and if you use something as a marker for your spot then it would be wise to use something more stationary than a log.? So those are just a couple things that?I learned opening morning but all in all it was a great day of hunting and being out in the woods with family and friends. We sure missed Travis (who was busy getting ready for lil Hunter) but look forward to the other days we get to go hunting with him.

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  1. Sounds like a great opener. My feet always get cold, and once that happens I am done. A good wicking sock, with a wool one over top of that will do wonders. Trust me!

    I use glo-sticks to mark my trial to my stand. Too many times I’ve been lost heading to a stand in the dark. Everything looks different in the pitch black:)

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