So we made it back. It was a tough opener, we had a full moon and that really threw off the deer movement. The majority didn’t see a thing the opening morning. Dad had set up a little further up the hill from us and he saw several good size buck towards the bottom of the hill we were hunting. The hill we hunt runs at a 45 degree angle down hill. As they say what goes down must come up, that is the main reason we don’t go down too far. After we met back for lunch Dad told us what he had seen. We decided to break up in two’s and have two go down to the bottom and then two sweep towards the bottom and see if we could push anything towards us. Dad and I went down to the bottom, as well started down we separated about 30 yards apart. As we went down I saw movement at the bottom, I pulled out my binoculars and saw it was a buck. I signalled to my Dad and we started moving in. The wind was perfect blowing to our faces and making a lot of noise. I was directly above the buck so I started to slowly make my way within shooting distance. I lost track of my Dad as he headed down in front of the buck. I got within 50 yards when I heard a thud, I thought it was the deer stepping on a stick. I had a decent 50 yard shoot but the buck showed signs of heading up towards me. He had no clue that I was there so I waited for him to move. He made 3 steps and then stopped. My Dad was right there and the buck had busted him. He ended up taking off down the hill. I later found out that my Dad had taken a shot but hit a small tree. That was the thud I heard. It was a fun stalk it took 20 min to make it down there moving slowly with the wind. It was a lot of fun we will be back up there this weekend and Travis will be able to join us. He has been real busy with his new arrival. His son was born on Sunday and he was unable to get up and hunt with us.

Our newest Addict!!!

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  1. Sounds like a great opener, and there will be many more chances I’m sure.

    Congrats to Travis. That is one excuse that would keep me out of the woods as well.:)

  2. Aww, what a cutie. Congratulations to Travis on the new arrival. It’s about time he got here.

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