I am not sure when it started, but I am hooked to American Chopper. I have all of the episodes on my DVR and when I am bored and can’t find any more hunting shows I flip it to American Chopper. I love the crew at the OCC and I love watching the way they interact and seeing them as they create amazing bikes. I may be drawn to American Choppers because my brothers and I all worked for my Dad’s construction company for years and seeing them fight makes me realize we are not alone. The American Chopper crew is also full of dedicated hunters, so they automatically have a special place in my heart.

The other night as I was looking through my DVR I came across an episode of American Chopper where they were building a bike for Gander Mountain. Being an outdoors guy this obviously caught my attention and I started playing it. This bike was completely different from any bike I have seen them make. I think they loved doing this bike because it was not about flash at all, it was a camo bike with Black accent colors. They designed it so it can be a road bike, or an off road bike. If you are familiar with American Chopper you know that they specialize in road bikes, so this was quite different. I fell in love with this bike and I decided that someday I want them to do a similar bike for Addicted to Hunting!

The coolest part of this episode for me was when they went to get the fenders done in camo. They went to this big warehouse that had a ton of guns, bows and anything else that you could turn camouflage. They showed the process of how they do it and it is fascinating. Instead of trying to explain it, here is the video from that segment of the episode:

Click here to view the YouTube video.

And now the part that you all have been waiting for. Here are the pictures of the finished product:







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