This past Friday marked the end of the General Season Archery Deer hunt for Utah residents. It was a great archery hunt with a couple of near misses and many great memories. Luckily, I am in the Dedicated Hunter program so I still have the muzzleloader and the rifle hunt to fill my tag.

I wanted to share a picture from one of my near misses as it still stings. I had a nice 3-point come below me at about 40 yards. The wind was perfect and he was providing me with some great shots as he traversed the mountain below. ?I pulled back and put my 40-yard pin on his vitals. Everything was going great, it was a clear shot, so I released and saw my arrow flying right where I was aiming. When the arrow got there I saw the deer jump, but the arrow made a loud thump noise. I had heard that noise before, but only when I had hit a tree. I watched as the deer ran away, seemingly unharmed.

Quickly I pulled out my binoculars to see if I could see my arrow and sure enough it was pointing straight back at me. I walked down to where the deer was standing and sure enough, I had destroyed a little branch that was sticking up above some brush. This little branch allowed that deer to live another day and all I could do was laugh about it.

The joys of archery hunting…

Archery Hunt Miss

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