I got up at 4 AM this morning to go hunt. As I was getting ready I realized it was raining. The thought came into my mind to go back to bed. I decided that I was up and that maybe by the time I got up to where I was hunting it would pass. Its about an hour and a half drive to the hunting spot. I got up there and it was still dark but raining hard. I took advantage of the rain and sat in my truck and went over my bow making sure everything was in tip top shape. All was good except it was still a down pour. So I pulled out my Blackberry and played a little Monopoly. At about 7:30 AM the rain started to slow down to a drizzle so I headed out. It was a cool morning the kind you just love to hunt in.

Here is a photo of the mountains this morning

Once I got out to hunt it started raining pretty good but I was out there and might as well give it a go. I headed up an old dirt road and came across fresh tracks in the mud. There were several rubs around that area as well. I let out a bugle and got a response over the other ridge. I started to head that direction, but unfortunately every time I bugled he would respond further away. I let him be and headed over to another ridge. I got up to the top and bugled again. I got another answer way at the bottom so I started down towards the Elk. The same thing happened this time as well, he would move further away as I approached. The rain was starting to come down pretty good now so I headed back to the truck. It was good to hear them this morning. The regular hunt ends on Friday and I will be up there again. I hope they are ready to play.


Now I have to give a shout out to a company that has made hunting clothes right. In Utah we have an extended hunt that runs all the way through November. If any of you have been to Utah you will know that we start getting snow in October in our mountains. The Wasatch Mountain range has been rated #1 for monster bucks for several years. So last year I was getting tired of looking like that poor kid in the Christmas Story that can’t put his arms down. I wanted clothing that?was light weight, Water Proof, Scent Killing, and most important comfortable. One of my friends recommended Sitka so I went and tried on one of their under shirts and Jackets. I was a little skeptical, it didn’t look like it would keep me warm. Travis and I went out hunting the day after Thanksgiving and it was cold. The thermostat in my truck read 9 degrees. All I had on was my Under Armor and my Sitka under shirt and the Sitka jacket. It was one of the coldest mornings I’ve been out in and I felt fine. This year I was wearing it when we got hit with the snow storm and stayed dry and warm. Also, I have been hiking in it during70 degree weather and it didn’t get to hot. I loved it so much that I recently upgraded and got the Sitka pants. We have all been hunting after a rain storm and when your walking through the wet grass your pants get soaking wet. Today during the rain storm I spent 2 hours walking in the rain and wet grass that went up to my waist. When I got back to the truck?I was completely dry. There is a price to this gear but it is well worth it.

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  1. I’m with you on the Sitka clothes. Good stuff.

  2. That sounds like a wet hunt. I’m glad your clothes kept you warm and dry.

  3. Never used Stika – I’m more like the kid you described…my clothes are mix and match whatever I can find! Now, I just might have to try and chase down these Sitka guys and see if I can purchase me some good huntin’ clothes.

  4. Tom, I know I’ve been there done that. Its fair to say I won’t go back its nice to have gear that is warm and functional. How’s the Idaho Elk going?

  5. Tom, you are not alone. I still mix and match my hunting clothes as well. It is great having Jason as an older brother because he can not resist buying new gear every year. This means I get his handy downs, and they are nice handy downs. It looks like within a year or two I will have a set of Sitka camo, I will let you know then how I feel about it.

    I will say, when we were up there freezing the day after Thanksgiving I was tempted to go out and buy new gear. The Sitka stuff seemed to keep Jason really warm, as I was hunting for a ray of sunlight to warm up a little bit.

  6. Finally ponied up this year and picked up some Sitka gear. Sizing is a little off but Cabela’s helped me out and I’m ready to go!

  7. You won’t regret the purchase. It’s clothing that will last a long time and will keep you protected from the eliments.

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