My Uncle Brett sent me these pictures today and I thought I would share them with you. It would be incredible to witness a fight like this between two bulls!

This is a bull that was found on the Uinta County Youth Camps property, originally called in as poaching.
I have never seen such carnage, the dead bull had blood and chunks of fat and hide on his antlers leaving me to believe the victor may have hobbled off and died elsewhere. The ground was tore up in every direction for a 50 yards and it looked as if the dead bull had possibly fallen after a couple of small trees gave way.

The bull had several gore wounds to his chest, abdomen, neck and head. He also had his entire brisket ripped open. The plan is to donate the antlers to the Youth Camp who has acquired a free European mount from a local taxidermist to hang in the camps main lodge. The mount will be accompanied by less bloody photos of the scene and a write up about natural breeding selection and how this can occur.




Warning: to see the very graphic photos that show the puncture wounds, click the thumbnails below.

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  1. I find these kinds of scenes fascinating, whether it’s two bucks locked up or a tree falling on an unsuspecting animal…. The evidence of activity rarely seen, particularly by folks like me who are not fortunate enough to be an outfitter and log enough time in the woods, is what makes them special.

    Still….wonder what he’d score?

  2. Those are interesting. I probably was out more during the deer rut here in KS this year than any previous, but I still haven’t seen 2 bucks pair off. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is somethin’ else! What a magnificent fight that musta been – never had the privilege of witnessing rut crazed bulls duke it out seriously…seen a lot of sparring matches, but nothing near knock down drag out like this! Would have been amazing to see.

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