Archery Hunting sure has grown in the tech areas. I remember when I was 14 and got my 1st hunting bow. It was a Hoyt Ram Hunter II a very simple compound bow. I remember shooting in the backyard and my dad would take us back to 40 yards and you could watch the arrow slowly advance to the target. My how things have changed. I hunted with my Ram Hunter for 12 Years before I finally upgraded to the Hoyt ZR 2000 man that bow was fast. It was sending the arrows at a high speed rate of 275 fps. After hunting with that bow for 4 years I had to upgrade to the new high speed bows. In 2006 I bought the new Fred Bear Truth. It flings arrows at 300 fps. I love this bow I have been shooting with it every week for two years and love the accuracy and speed. Who remembers the old finger pads. That is a thing of the past its all about the releases now. My dad had one of the original Hoyt Rambo’s. In 2006 we finally got him to upgrade his bow to a Whisper Creek and shoot with a release. The technology is amazing. Now there is a bow out there by PSE called the FX Force. It cranks out arrows at 320 fps I know guys that are shooting this bow at 100 yards with amazing accuracy. What’s next?

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