I found this video of a swinging deer and it made me think about how we can protect wildlife around our houses and cabins. This video is of a deer that got caught up in a swing and can not get off the swing by himself. As a result he keeps swinging back and forth. The deer is very good at swinging, but the whole incident could have been avoided.

Here is the video:

My father-in-law has a cabin up in Heber, UT and he has built a cool swing on his property. To avoid any injury on the swing he locks it up in the air so it is unusable when he is not there. The primary reason he has done this is so that people can not use the swing when he is not supervising. This ensures that no one will get hurt on the swing, and removes a possible lawsuit if someone were to get injured.
After watching this video I realized a secondary reason why it is important to lock the swing up out of reach, deer can’t get caught in the swing and harm themselves. I am not sure if he had this in mind when he decided to lock the swing up, but it is a good way to help wildlife that are on his property. We have deer that will walk right up to where the swing is and eat the grass all around it. It would be easy for one of them to get stuck and not be able to get out.
Take a minute and look around your house, cabin, or anywhere wildlife is present and make sure you don’t have anything they can get tangled up in. I love hunting, but I hate it when a deer dies for no good reason. We can all help out and make sure we are not responsible for the death of wildlife due to our negligence.
If something like this were to happen on your property call the local authorities and have them come out and free the animal. They are trained professionals and they will make sure no harm is done to your property, or the animal while they are rescuing the animal.

Here is another video of a wildlife rescue in a similar instance as the previous video:

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  1. This is a great post and brings up an issue I never would have thought of. Maybe one day I’ll have a cabin and a swing to worry about….

  2. Blessed, I had never thought of it either until I saw this video. I hope someday you will have that cabin and swing!

  3. I’ve seen this video many times but it is nice that you suggested ways to prevent this from happening.

    Have a safe and great holiday weekend.

  4. I know this is contrary to everyones concerns but my fist thought was that I should hang a rope swing at my hunting spot the week before the hunt.

    I could show up to a buck hanging around waiting for me.

    Of course it wouldn’t be cruel…I would leave plenty of food and water.

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