Officially the start of Spring is here. In some parts of the US I know winter has been long and hard and they are still covered in snow. Here in Utah winter was mild which is good when it comes to winter kill but not so good when it comes to fall and drought.

That being said Spring is the time of year to start getting ready for upcoming hunts. I have discovered that I have a slight Arrow fetish. I’m not sure if its the fumes of the super glue or what but I love fletching a new set of arrows every year. I wish it was more because I have to because I had so many amazing shots last fall that I simply ran out of arrows. But that is not the case. In my shop I have more arrows than I will ever need. But every year I cannot resist the temptation to buy new shafts, wraps and fletchings and design a new dozen. Last night was that night for me.

I’ve got to admit this year I’m a little stoked about the set up. I went with Maxima Red shafts I have shot these in the past and have loved them. The last 3 or 4 years I have used the Carbon Force Radial X-weaves and they are a great arrow as well. But thought I would go back to the Maxima’s this year. I went with a simple silver reflective wrap cut in half. If your not wrapping your arrows I highly recommend doing so. One the reflective wrap works great in locating your arrows in low light as they reflect when a flashlight hits them. Second If you ever want to change your set up you simple can peel the wrap off with all the fletching and clean the arrow with a little goo be gone and you are good to go (as I type this I’m now asking why do I buy new shafts every year opposed to simply transforming current inventory?)

So now it comes down to fletching. I’m a huge fan of Vanetec fletching. I have tried everything on the market trust me and they have proven their strength, bond, and ease of installation. Typically I go with the 3″ vane. But I have been reading a lot of reviews about their 1.75 ” Vane. So this year I thought I would try them out. Now to be fair I have not shot them yet as I just fletched them yesterday and they have been drying but man are they sexy.. So here’s introducing the 2014 arrows….


So tell me what rituals do you have to get yourself excited for the upcoming season? Is there anyone else out there that shares my same Arrow fetish? Maybe we could form a support group…

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