Spring is finally here. I live in Utah and we have had a slow start with spring. The snow front is finally receding. We still have over 10′ of snow at some of our ski resorts but it is melting fast. Now is the time to start your preparations for the upcoming hunts. Here are some tips to get you ready to bag the big one.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice. If your like me you’ve spent the winter shooting indoors. This is great practice but doesn’t give you the experience needed in the field. Go enjoy this weather get out there and set your targets up in situations you would face during the hunt.

2. Visit the areas you hunt and watch the animals learn their patterns. Find the hot spots they are visiting.

3. If your state allows it I would recommend doing some food plots in the hot spots you’ve discovered. There are several options rich in vitamins that enhance antler growth. I’ve used Trophy Rock before and it works. Trophy Rock is a salt like that has been enhanced with vitamins that increase antler growth.

4. Use stealth cams. Once you’ve found your hot spots and planted feed in them set up a stealth cam. These are motion sensitive and will take photos of the animals visiting the areas your selected. Let the camera do the work. Go camping for the weekend set the cameras and let them work all weekend while you relax and practice then retrieve them as you leave. This helps you eliminate any bad spots.

5. Once you have a few hot spots set up some blinds. I love to hunt on the ground with the animals. Nothing against tree stands, just a preference for me. Find a good set up spot and use some of the dead fall to set you up a blind.

6. Check your gear. Make sure everything is ready and good to go before the hunt. The day before the hunt is not the right time to see if you string is frayed of if your broad-heads are sharp.

All these things will ensure a successful hunt. Remember have fun with it. Enjoy this beautiful country.

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  1. Good list! Spring never came here – it went straight into summer here in Idaho – but now sounds like we’ll have spring this coming week.

  2. It got real nice down here this last weekend tempatures in the 90’s but going back down to the 60’s this weekend probably some mountain snow. So do you do any Black Bear hunting up there in Idaho?

  3. I have such a new appreciation for Spring. It has been downright awesome this year!

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