For those of you following this bull and those that have heard about Kody and his opportunity to hunt this bull here’s an update.? Kody went out and went after the spider bull but no luck, as he said “I’m beginning to think he doesn’t exist”.? I guess that’s how he has lived long enough to become such a massive bull!!

It sounds like the bulls are in the rut, they were bugling and coming in, he passed up on some very nice big bulls in his search for “the one”, for the spider bull.? There was a rumor going around the an archer hit the spider bull and injured him but didn’t hurt him enough to kill him, that rumor is being disclaimed by posts on Utah DNR website, they stated that it was a large bull in the same area but not the spider bull.

I’ve been reading a lot of post about this elk, everything from talk about it being fed or farmed and not free, slamming Doyle who first surfaced a video of this bull.? Well From everything I’ve gathered Doyle is a hard working outfitter and did find this bull so congrats to him for that.

The bull is reported to be a free roaming bull on Utah Public lands in a mid-Utah district, Monroe District.? Those hunting with Kody last saw this bull about 4 weeks ago, while bulls were coming in and bugling the spider bull was not seen last weekend as they hunted him.

Unfortunately Kody wasn’t able to take the full hunt off and chase the spider bull and had to come back to work, he’ll be back out as soon as he can get off either Thursday or Friday, his limited entry hunt goes through the 23rd.? Good luck Kody, the infamous spider bull is alive and well out there, you have one of the best chances out of anyone to take him!!? Here’s another video of the spider bull:

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  1. That is one huge bull. Whoever gets to bag him will be one happy hunter I’m sure.

  2. Reminds me of that old Far Side cartoon with one deer remarking on the bullseye on another deer, “Heck of birthmark, Bill”

  3. he was shot sept. 30th gross score over 500 green net 480+

  4. Average Joe says:

    For all those who think that the spider bull has been farm feed and stuffed full of steroids, your all wrong. I was down on the monroe 3 years ago fighting a wildland fire and I believe I have a photo of this bull in his younger days. He didn’t get that big by being stupid.

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