Back when?I lived in Wyoming (going to school), my friend Cody Eardley invited me to go shed huntin on horseback with him and his family. It was my fist time ever going shed hunting and?I didnt know quite what to expect but?I was like a lil kid on Christmas morning in anticipation. We woke up early, packed up the horses and saddles and off we went; not being from Wyoming?I wouldnt be able to tell you where we went to save my life but there was a lot o sage brush and dust if that helps. We were riding for hours and?I hadn’t found a thing, my legs were raw and my?rear end sore. Toward the end of the day old rusty (the decaying old beast that?I had been riding) decided he didnt like me very much and?tried?to?buck me off but without luck. From that point on it was a struggle to go anywhere with that stubborn horse and we ended up trailing off quite a ways from the rest of the group. Pretty soon?I lost site of?Cody complelety and was just trying to stay within radios range. We had been shed hunting all day long and?I hadnt found a thing but sore eyes,?I had lost the interest to spread another foot of dry ground in search of an old sun-bleached antler shed when all of a sudden?I caught a glimpse of something white under a large cedar tree.??I stepped off old rusty to take a closer look when?I found this prize, a beautiful 5 by 6 muley shed with a 31″ spread and 6″ drop tine,?skull and all.?I radioed Cody and his family?to come quick and all of them were amazed at this gem.?We figured that it was either shot during a hunt and went and hid under the cedar tree and never found, or it was taken by a mountin lion so all the bones were left. They were actually pretty irritated at me cuz they have been shed hunting their whole lives and never found anything like what?I had and this was my first time ever going.?So the raw legs and sore rear?ended up being more than worth the uncomfort.?Well what can i say, beginners luck. Enjoy

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  1. What a great story, and good job on finding that impressive antler shed. I always look for sheds while I am in the outdoors and the only thing I have ever found is a bunch of velvet that a deer had rubbed off on a tree.

  2. Oh man! What a beautiful buck!

    you say that you saw lots of sagebrush and dust – are you sure you weren’t in Eastern Oregon?! 🙂

  3. That’s a pretty cool find. I bet that got a place of honor in your house.

  4. There’s only one thing better than finding a huge shed, and that’s finding a huge “dead head”. Congratulations!

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