We received this email the other day and it is definitely worth passing along to all of the Hunting Addicts. I can’t believe how big this moose is!

Jim Rae was guiding moose this fall for a client from Berlin who paid twenty thousand dollars for the expedition with South Nahanni Outfitters in the North West Territories and he got his money’s worth. The hunter bagged a massive bull moose, probably about seven years old. For hunters, it is 258″ boone & crockett points. It is thought to be the seventh largest in the world!

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  1. Whoa! Speechless – really! Let me pick my jaw up off the floor and get back with y’all later.

  2. Wow! When are we going moose hunting? That looks fun! Hey Mike will your Timberhawk pack hold a head mout like that so I can hike it out? Probably, I think you’ve thought of everything on you packs!
    I thought a nice elk rack was the ultimate goal but man that moose makes me want to hunt Canada and learn where moose hang out! Impressive!

  3. Guy’s I am truly fortunate to be able to call in that truely majestic monster!!!!! If you need more photos of the moose or whitetails I have LOTS!!! JIM RAE

  4. hunterssuck says:

    why killing such imposant and amazing animals?
    in 50 years, these dumb pictures will be all thats left of them…

    1. Hunters really make me laugh!!! Let’s take down an animal from a safe distance with advanced weapons and call ourselves hunters! Let’s see someone wrestle one of these animals down to the ground and kill them with their bare hands… I did not think so……………….

      1. My hope is to kill an animal with my bear hands, hopefully someday I will be able post pictures of my incredible kill for you!

        Samantha, if you are a vegan I can at least respect your post. While I think that is a foolish way to live, you at least stand by your convictions. However, if you eat meat and just hate Hunters than you are the most hypocritical person in the world.

        I love people that think Hunters are cruel, but are perfectly fine eating meat from a butcher who lined up their livestock and simply slit their throat after letting them fatten up their entire life. On second thought, according to Samantha they do kill their animals with their bear hands so it is a very honorable way to obtain meat!

      2. Samantha, One day i’m sure someone would be able to kill an animal with their bare hands. in fact if you think about it, i’m sure someone already has. Not big game. i’m sure it has been done.

        I know my husband or one of my 6 kids would love to. a few have to get a lot older before they can go hunting with dad and I.

        one day you will see on the internet. that it was done.. big game

      3. Kyle Drechsel says:

        This guy paid 20,000 to hunt this animal. That money goes to conservation and purchasing more land for these animals to live. How much of your money have you spent to protect and improve the habitat of any species? None.

    2. Kyle Drechsel says:

      No there will be more of them because the 20,000 dollars goes to conservation and land preservation so more moose can survive. Get your facts straight. There have been larger healthier species because of hunters

  5. No no no, if we left the bull on the mountain in 50 years nothing would be left of him, the animal would have died and other animals would have eaten him. If we shoot him in 50 years there will be pictures of him on the internet and some lucky guy has a nice head mount on his wall!! That’s how to preserve them!!

  6. its a sport and its an amazing one too u guys are —— if you dont like it dont be looking at hunting pics and —- like grow up and get a life lol

    1. my thoughts exactly. If you aren’t into the game, or if you don’t like the stories then why are you on a hunting site, lol

      Hunting is an awesome sport. not only you get meat in the freezers and bellies but you get a beautiful wall ornament 🙂

  7. I think it personally it is ok to go away and hunt a moose for the freezer, I just hate the hunters that wound a moose and doesn’t bother to track it and leaves it to wander off to die.here where I live a while back a bunch of drunken idiots saw a moose from their cabin window, out of season and decided to have a little fun. They chased the poor animal all over the pond, which was very slick and the moose continiously fell to the ice leaving pee, blood and fur each time. The cowards kept running into the moose while it was down with their snowmobiles and quads and then battered it with axes until the poor animal just gave up. When they slit its belly open she was with calf, in which they proceded to drag the remains all over the pond for sport…… Hows that for sport ????????? True Story… The people involved received probation.. What chance do the animals have to survive and propsper??????????????

  8. why kill something so majestic?!

  9. Daniel Mercer says:

    Omg thats a sin.. I hate anyone that would do something like that , Poor thing 🙁

  10. Another brave hero with a high powered rifle and trophy

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