I had a chance today to take a jog with the head law enforcement agent with Utah DWR.? I asked him about the Spider Bull and where he’s at.? DWR has not seen this bull, none of their agents can confirm his existence.? They also wonder if the video in front of the trailer is a lay over or legit.? I’ll have to look into that more and see if any of the video matches any of the other videos, minus the background but who knows, that thought hadn’t crossed my mind but I do wonder how a bull that big would get that close to a trailer.? That doesn’t seem to be a mistake that would get you old enough to grow a rack that big!!? The bull has brought a lot of attention and they are looking to see what happens and if anyone is able to take this animal.? So while they haven’t seen this bull they are following and interested in the outcome and story surrounding it.

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  1. I hope he does exist and it isn’t just some hoax. That would be a bummer.

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