PSE is releasing the new Skullz Camo on their entire bow line up. It is a really cool look on these bows and we are excited to start selling the new design to our Hunting Addicts!

We are currently taking orders on them and can have one shipped directly to you. You can add the Skullz Camo to any of the available PSE Bows. Go to, check out all of the new bows, pick out the bow you would like and then send us an email and we will special order it for you with the Skullz Camo.

They have some great new bows this year, several with bow press free modules for easy change in draw lengths. Take a look and let us know if you want us to order one in the new camo and ship it to you.

You can email to place your order, or request some additional information.

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  1. I got mine and love it!! The skullz camo looks great but will also be able to hunt. I was worried the skull would be too white but it’s a gray, the pattern will work great and get’s attention at shoots. I’m loving my new bow, if you are looking at a new bow consider the skullz camo!!

  2. I bought mynew Omen Pro with Skulz camo. It’s awesome! I’m glad I did and there is a lot of hunters wanting it as well. Now I’m trying to find clothing and other accessories with Skulz Camo, in order to complete my hunting experience with the pattern. I set my bow up against a tree and took several steps away. I couldn’t believe how much the Skulz pattern adapted to the shadows. the bow was hard to see.

    Skulz camo, It’s different, it’s new, it’s unique….. It’s cool. Thanks PSE Happy Hunting everyone .

  3. i love it but i’m not to comfortable with the human skulls on it. i wish it was only animal skulls. it’s almost like i kill human.

    1. Chee, Good news is PSE changed the Skullz camo this year to exactly what you want…. Animal Skullz I got mine early this year in the New PSE EVO and my wife got the new womans bow the Stilleto with this camo pattern as well and they look great.

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