Attention all archery hunters. This year PSE has come out with one of the best main line bows ever. Its the Bow Madness its not getting alot of attention but has to be one of the nicest single cam bows out there. It has such a smooth draw to it and it is real easy to tune. We have sold a bunch of them and love tuneing them because it takes 5 minutes and your shooting bullets. The total bow weight is 3.5 lbs and is cranking out arrows at an IBO speed of 326-318 fps. I only have 3 of these bows left two standard and on XL if you have considered getting into a faster bow but didn’t want to spend $900.00 to get a Mathews or X Force or if you know someone that has been considereing getting a new bow have them send us an email at and I will make sure I give them a sweet deal.

Bow Madness

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