This is the most important thing a hunter can do to ensure a successful season. But it is something a lot of hunters don’t do. I’ve got to admit that I don’t do enough of it myself. Its hard to make the time to get out and do it. If your like me as soon as the snow melts my schedule gets packed with games at the ball park, yard care, family vacations, and honey-do’s. Spring and summer tend to go by real quick and I find myself staring at fall and wondering where I’m going to go to tag my Trophy. Here are some tips that may help manage that busy schedule and get some scouting in at the same time.

1- Stealth Cameras – This is the greatest invention for us busy hunters. Now we can take a quick trip to our favorite hunting spots and set up the cameras over a salt lick and let it do all the work. Every serious hunter out there should own one of these if not a couple.

2- Make it a vacation- My wife and kids love to get out of town and enjoy the woods. Plan a few camping trips to various hunting areas. You can spend quality time with the family and start bearing down on the trophy you want on your wall.

3- If your state allows it set up some of you hunting areas with bait or feed. Here in Utah we like to use Trophy Rock salt licks, as well as some other feed options. Set these stations up and place your stealth cameras to watch them.

4- Prep your hunting areas once you have been able to pin point a few different hunting spots set the stage. Before the hunt go and set up some ground blinds or tree stands where you plan on hunting. That way when it comes to opening morning all you need to do is get in there and shoot that trophy.

The most important thing is have fun with it. Go out and enjoy the outdoors and get your sights set on a nice trophy to add to your collection.

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  1. I just got back from the bookcliffs roadless area checking it out for Elk. I have a muzzlelaoder hunt coming up this September and going to check out the area you are going to hunt is a must.

    1. I agree, I have been scouting the limited entry elk unit that I drew for a month already. I have been seeing a lot of elk and have located several water sources that I was not aware of. I will be down there at least once a week for the next 59 days (that is when the hunt opens).

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