I’ve always been a man of faith and each year the time spent in the woods hunting is somewhat sacred to me.? I enjoy this time as?I’m able to enjoy God’s creations and spend time pondering life and the past year.? It’s a relaxing renewing time that I look forward to almost as much as the actuall hunting.? So I always like to take some time and say a nice prayer of thanks for the beauty he has created and allowed me to be in a situation to be able to enjoy it.? While I’m giving thanks I also like to humbly ask that he at least give me the opportunity to have a shot, that if I screw it up that’s fine but if he could send some game my way I’d be thankful.? Well in ’07 as we were out hunting deer I was around 100 yards down a ridge in a good spot, it was a little later in the morning around 10am so things had slowed up a little.? Well I bowed my head, closed my eyes and said my prayer.? At the beginning of the prayer I heard something at the top of the ridge, just something soft but I noted it.? So a few minutes later as I closed the prayer I slowly raised my head and looked around.? As I looked to my left I was staring? eye to eye at a buck, a 3 point muley, nothing to brag about but still a fairly nice little buck.? Well he was only about 10 feet away but the movement of me raising my head and turning spooked him and that was it.? Before I could react he was gone.

Lesson learned, be prepared for an answer when you ask God for help!? There are apparently some situations that it’s ok to pray with your eyes open!!

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  1. Allen, this is one of the greatest hunting stories! I was about 100 yards above you and I watched the 3 point make his way toward you. I was so excited that you were going to get your first buck. I knew where you were and he was so close I thought maybe you had left that spot and I didn’t see you move to a different spot. Then he just took off like he was spooked. I am so glad to hear you weren’t sleeping, but remember to pray with your eyes open next time!

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