Fellow addict Scott took his son out this weekend on a archery pig hunt. His son was able to take a nice pig. I know that they were going to video the hunt so when they get back we will get that on the site as well as the story. Good work Garrett.

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  1. Congratulations Garrett, that is an awesome picture! Scott looks like a very proud father!

  2. I remember when I used to hunt with my dad when I was a kid, though the kill (bucks, ducks, etc) was great but the most awesome thing was my bonding with my dad and the lectures/lessons he taught me those days.

    Great catch garret! knew the feeling… and I’m pretty sure your father is truly proud of you.

  3. Found your Hog hunting video on youtube and enjoyed it. It lead me to your website. I think you hunted shoshone wanted to take my son hunting there. Are the pigs worthy of having a taxidermy mount??? Thanks. And can you send a reply to my e-mail address.

    1. Bob sorry I missed your comment on here but better late than never I guess. You can taxidermy a pig but the recomended mount is to actuall skin the skull and then acid wash it white it looks real cool when the pig has tusks.

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