I received this email from my Uncle today and thought it was crazy enough to share. If you do not like pictures with a lot of blood in them than do not read any further, although if that is the case you may be on the wrong site entirely.

Background: My brother, Daniel, was visiting a friend in Montana and touring through Glacier National Park. They were hiking up a CLOSED ROAD when they came upon this scene. It is evident that the mountain lion and bighorn sheep were fighting on the mountain and fell to their immediate death sometime during the struggle. Pay special attention to the mouth of the mountain lion…..as it still has sheep hide in its mouth!!!! ENJOY!



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  1. That is crazy. It just proves that Mother Nature can be a beast sometimes.

  2. My Bro. sent that a couple weeks ago. That old cat must have been so concentrated on the kill that he missed the dangers involved. Quite the pics.

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