We are proud to announce that we are now officialy a PSE pro line dealer. We are currently taking pre orders on the PSE Pro line and main line bows. Pick up an 2009 XFORCE for $849.99 and recieve 15% off on all top of the line accessories. Seen the ads on the OMEN and want to see an arrow fly at 366 fps we can get it ordered for you here. These are fantastic bows with amazing speed and accuracy. It has changed the meaning of “top pin” my top pin is now set at 30 yards and will cover me within an inch even at a 40 yard shot. No more worries about being off 5 yards on your shots. This bow shoots fast and straight. Give us a call at 801-864-7573 if you want to get one ordered.
We also have access to all the accessories you need and will get you set up and ready to hunt. Order yours now!

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