Are you debating on upgrading your hunting equipment this year? Are you wanting to upgrade your 5 – 10 year old bow with a new faster bow? Worried about the economy and not sure if you want to fork out a ton of money? We just got in a great selection of Bear bows that we can sale at very affordable prices. My back up bow to my X Force is the Bear Archery Truth bow. I have had this bow for 2 years now and absolutly love it. It comes with a winners choice string and it’s supprisingly fast for a very resonable price. We also have a Done Deal that is exactly like the Truth minus the winners choice string. Plus several other options that are very affordable and can get you up on the hill this season with a high power bow. Just give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we can get you hooked up. 801-864-7573 or

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