I remember my first kill like it was yesterday. It was a cool fall morning several years ago. I had set up on a nice spot but saw nothing. It was approaching lunch time and I decided to head back up the hill. As I was going up the hill I came accross a trail that was pretty worn with alot of tracks on it. The thought came to me that maybe I should walk down the trail nice and slow and see if I come accross something. So I head down this trail. As I came over the hill I saw a 2 point buck ( or 4 point in whitetail launguage). He was walking about 20 yards below me stopping to eat here and there. I pulled my 1988 Hoyt Ram Hunter back set my sites and released. I must of flinched because I hit him in the back lungs. Back then the arrows didn’t travel as fast and the arrow only went in about 12 inches. He took off running and I could see my arrow in his side bouncing up and down. I was excited, I gave it 30 min (really 15 because I couldn’t wait) and started down hill to track him. Because my arrow didn’t go through the other side and it was plugging up the other side he wasn’t bleeding that much. I ended up going down to the last place I saw him run. I was able to find some blood and started tracking. After 30 yards of tracking I lost the blood trail. I stood there staring at the ground trying to find more blood. Just as I was about to sit down, I saw a movement to my left and it was the deer I shot about 15 yards away lying there watching me the whole time. I was too busy looking for blood to even notice him. My arrow had penetrated one lung but hadn’t made it to the other. He had managed to fall down and push my arrow straight down and out his underbelly. I knew that it may be awhile before he passed so I put another arrow in him right behind the shoulder. It took another 5 min and he was done. What a day. I was glad to see that he didn’t manage to split his guts and all the meat was fine. That year my dad had taken his 5th wheel up and we processed the deer the next day up there. It was a great experience one that I will never forget.

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  1. I remember my first kill as well. It is something you never forget, and definitely something you cherish forever. I’ve been addicted ever sense.

  2. Nice – those firsts will live forever in our minds – as do so many other times in the outdoors. I’m still looking for my first bow kill.

  3. I remember your first deer very well. I had shot a 2 point in the leg and you came up and helped me look for blood. We saw nothing and I knew the deer was not hurt very bad as only the tip of my broadhead had any blood on it. After we had quit looking for blood, you had a determined look on your face. I decided it was time for lunch, and you told me that you would not quit hunting until you had tagged a deer. Shane and I headed back to the trailer for lunch and naps. Just as I layed down and fell asleep you came running in to tell us the exciting news.

    That was a fun deer to get off the ridge, we couldn’t take it up as it was too steep. So we took it down the hill, and we were basically trying to keep up with the deer as it tumbled down the hill. That was a fun hunt!

  4. My grandpa took me hunting and we didn’t see anything. On the way home, I spotted a badger on the side of the road and grandpa let me shoot him. I think I was more excited about that badger than I would have been with a huge buck.

    My first deer came a year or two later and wasn’t nearly exciting for some reason. My first bow kill, now that’s another story.

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