In honor of Father’s Day I wanted to do a post for my Dad. He really is my hero and I don’t think I take the chance to tell him that enough. While there are many reasons I am grateful for my Dad, raising me as a Hunting Addict has to be near the top of the list.

He has been so patient with me and my brothers as we journeyed out on hunts with him. I know we weren’t the quietest in the woods, we probably scared away his trophy elk and deer several times, but he kept bringing us along while teaching us the importance of the outdoors.

Hunting is only a small way in which he has influenced my life. He was my Soccer coach growing up, taught me how to ski, he was there when I caught my first fish and shot my first deer, we have spent a lot of time going to and watching BYU Football games every year and no matter what he is always available when I need him. He really is my best friend and I am so lucky that I have always had a supportive Dad to push me to try new things.

Recently he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. My Dad is as tough as nails, so I have no doubt he will beat it without missing a beat. However it has made me stop and think of how grateful I am to have him as my Dad. Thanks for all you have done for me, I hope you have a great Father’s Day!

My Dad

Teaching me to shoot in our backyard. This is where me and all of my brother’s learned how to shoot.

Dad getting Travis ready for the hunt

Helping me get ready for the hunt.

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, and all of the other great Fathers out there!

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  1. What a great tribute to your dad. All of those pictures are priceless. I’ll include you both in our prayers, and I have the utmost confidence that your dad will lick this prostate cancer thing.

    I also hope that you have different target shooting attire now, then you did in your younger years:):)

    1. Thanks for the prayers Arthur!

      It was a rough day when I had to give up the Batman attire during target practice.

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