Grandpa with all the grandkidsOur Dad is a really cool guy and he loves hunting as much as anyone I know! He has been hunting his whole life and he has had several different groups and hunting buddies through the years. I feel like I can speak for the rest of my brothers when I say we know we are his favorite hunting group to hunt with. He went with his Dad when he was growing up and he was very eager to take his son’s with him when we were old enough. He? would take us out hunting at a very young age and I know we scared the entire forest into the next county just with our presence. He taught us all at a young age that Hunting is not about how many buck you kill, or how big their rack is. Hunting is all about the relationships you share and the memories you create. I remember when I was too young to go hunting I would try to sneak into the back of his truck and hope that he wouldn’t notice I was in there until we were at the hunting spot. This never worked as my mom was a hawk and would always find us.

One of my Dad’s favorite stories that he loves to share is about when he would be getting ready to go out hunting in the morning and he would have at least 5 kids right behind him, ready to go. He would always take anyone out hunting with him that wanted to go. This meant for many years that he would not see anything other than kids trying to be quit in the woods as they were tripping over logs and falling down the mountain. It was never about what he saw, it was always about teaching his kids to love the outdoors and? love hunting.

I will cherish the memories I have with my Dad up hunting forever and I look forward to many more hunts over the years. I can’t wait to take my own kids with him and let them hunt with their Grandpa.

Happy Father’s Day Dad! You are the greatest hunter in my book!

P.S We will have to post some pictures of the Elk my dad has shot over the years, he has some pretty impressive racks in our garage!

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  1. What a nice tribute to your dad. I think it’s great that you all were able to go hunting with him when you were young and that he was so patient.

  2. What a great tribute to your dad. I think that it is awesome that he took all of you with him knowing that he probably wouldn’t see anything. He put his love of hunting and the outdoors on the back burner so that you kids would grow up and love the outdoors as well. Very cool.

    Hopefully I can set that kind of example to my future daughter that will be arriving in the fall! I can’t wait!

  3. Would love to see the elk racks – by far my favorite animal to hunt. You bring out very clearly the whole purpose of hunting – good blog and a nice tribute to your father.

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